Phil Bennett’s View On ‘Ring Record-Breaking
The man who set a 7:19 around the ‘Ring (in the very same Radical that Martin Short won with at Silverstone yesterday – image here) responds to Wolfgang Kaufmann’s comments earlier today.

The image shows Phil on the podium at the LMES race at the Nurburgring (with Gian Maria Gabbiani).”My over-riding view on this is that firstly I have total respect for Wolfgang and anyone else who gives the record a crack. Ultimately we are all drivers who love the unique challenge that the Nordschleife provides and it is a real shame that there is no clarity over what the rules are because with no prizes on offer it is only a bit of fun!

“But I'd like to take issue with some of the things Wolfgang is complaining about.

”It is a great pity that since the lap record attempts on the 'Ring have become more ‘international’ that we see all manner of complaints from those involved historically.

”The fact that the Gembella's lap time of 7:32 was done in a car costing six figures and its intercooler laden with dry ice seems to have been forgotten by Herr Kaufmann.

”The ‘production’ car lap record is simply for cars that are capable of being road registered, running "E" marked tyres. On that basis the record was 7:19 set by a Radical Turbo in 2003 - until the Donkervoort's new time of 7:18.

”Complaining about the time on the basis of its Formula R tyres, or that the car is capable of being raced, shows little grace and is a great pity..

”Without doubt if they made Formula R tyres in a wider range of sizes he would already have used them - as for racing, well given Porsche's 996 track record, it begins to sound even more like sour grapes.

”For what it is worth, I personally don't think the Mosler will go faster than Kaufmann's 7:32. However given the record is 7:18, it is rather irrelevant.

”What I do think would be valuable is for someone to get a common agreement as to what exactly does make a record valid - because right now it seems that the only thing that doesn't bring with it howls of protest are Germans, driving a German marque.

”If we agree that it is road registered on "E" marked tyres then the new Radical V8 will easily go sub-7m come 2005.

”Good luck to Barbosa and congrats to the Donkervoort team of people, who did 7:18.”
Phill Bennett

As reported here earlier today, the Barbosa / Mosler effort at the 'Ring this week has been postponed until 2005.


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