Mosler Not Going To The ‘Ring
But A First 2004 Win For Martin Short

Plans for the Mosler Photon to be on the Nordschleife today (and tomorrow) have had to be postponed, after an ECU problem during a shakedown last Friday.

“Last week we installed the latest generation engine from the States, the 427 ci, Mosler-built LS6. Unfortunately there was a conflict with the ECU supplied,” explains Martin Short.“This was discovered after two runs up the Bruntingthorpe runway. I had reached 190mph by just over half way...and I have to confess I backed off as I was so shocked at the speed with the new motor! It produces 540 bhp and 540 ft lb of torque and is very 'stout'.

“After these two runs, the ECU started playing up, and we spent most of the weekend trying to find the problem, but with no success, so the ECU is back off to the US and we have had to pull out of Monday’s and Tuesday’s runs.

“We are all bitterly disappointed, but we will return to the ‘Ring next year, when the weather is suitable.”

Had the car run this week, it would have been fitted with Michelin PS2 road tyres.

‘Mr Rollcentre’ still had an eventful, and successful, weekend though, winning the BRDC Members’ race at Silverstone yesterday (November 7).

“The race was for closed wheel cars only, and I thought the Dallara was a bit over the top, so I arranged to race the Radical SR3, the very same chassis that set the 7:19 round the Nurburgring,” says Shorty.

“Sunday was wet though, and I just sat there spinning the rear wheels at the start, losing about four seconds to Tim Harvey, in a 911 GT3 Cup Porsche. It took about six laps for the tyres to come in, and after that Tim and I had a great race: there was a huge variety of cars, and speeds, out there, but the rain helped to equalise things.

“It’s a long time since I’ve gone through a year without a win, so it was very pleasant to take the flag first yesterday.”

Short is pictured with second and third men Tim Harvey and Michael Schryver, the latter having raced his Chevron: BRDC Secretary Roger Lane-Nott is with them on the podium.

Some of the antics of the BRDC Members, in such varied machinery as Lotus Cortinas and a Lister Jaguar, were a sight to behold. “Skid Scarborough was at 30 to 45 degrees all the way through Woodcote on every lap,” said the race winner. “There wasn’t much track left to pass him.”


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