New LPG Speed Record
Sylvain Boulay, at the wheel of Idée Verte's LPG WR, set a new world record for the maximum speed of an LPG fuelled car - last Thursday at Brétigny-sur-Orge (a former take off and landing strip, 3500 m long), reported Le Maine Libre in last Friday's issue.

The engine had a capacity of 3255 cc and was not turbocharged. Sylvain Boulay remarked to Le Maine Libre that the first try was unsuccessful, the engine not revving to the red line. So the team changed the ignition map and the efficiency was improved. At the second try, the car reached 308 km/h, then 318 km/h on the way back. The FFSA recorded an average speed of 315 km/h (?). The French driver added that the car can reach 320 km/h, but there was some wind.

Idée Verte's LPG WR was invited to race at Sebring in 2003, but the car was then withdrawn.
David Legangneux


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