Barbosa & The ‘Ring
While Martin Short was sunning himself (on his honeymoon) in the Caribbean at the end of last month, Joao Barbosa was busy driving a Mosler Photon, round the Nurburgring.“The track was damp in places, and he had to slow down at one point because of road works (!), but he still set a 7:42 – despite a couple of handling niggles that we’ve sorted out now,” explains Shorty.

The Photon is the developed MT900S road car, with an upgrade to the Hewland transmission, carbon seats, thinwall subframes, BBS magnesium wheels, titanium springs and carbon fibre bodywork.

“We’re going back on Monday and Tuesday of next week, to try again,” says Martin Short.

The 'record' for a road car is Wolfgang Kaufmann’s 7:32.52. What were you driving Wolfgang? A Carrera GT?

Phil Bennett has lapped the track in a 7:19 in a road legal Radical (in 2003), while recently a Donkervoort apparently lapped in a 7:18.

If it’s dry at the ‘Ring next week, expect some fireworks. Barbosa was still learning the circuit last month.... while Phil Bennett responds (on the forum) with "if I can get Radical to provide the car I'll re-claim the record at the forthcoming RMA days (next week), weather and God willing."


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