Lister LMP For Vallelunga 6 Hours
The annual, end of season, Vallelunga 6 Hours takes place next month, on November 14, and the Lister LMP will be on the grid – with Stefano Zonca / Angelo Lancelotti / TBA at the wheel.

“I can’t tell you who the third driver will be right now,” says (Zonca’s right hand man) Franco Mondino, “but the week before, Stefano will shake down the LMP car at Monza, on November 6.”

That date coincides with ‘Monza Expo’, or more properly the RPME (Racing Professional Motorsport Exhibition) at the famous Italian track.

There will be a two days assigned to the media, tuners, sponsors etc., while November 6 & 7 will be open to the public. The Lister LMP and a Storm GT will both be on display.


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