Donington Open Race (November 6) - Entry List
Besides the regular Britcar and Britsports / GoldArts races, James Tucker's EERC has arranged an 'Open' event for the afternoon of November 6 (to be followed by 150 minutes of Britcar night racing).

A number of the names (and cars) are familiar ones. Ian Donaldson is in the BMW that Oakfields acquired from Japan, the Back / Adams Ferrari has raced in British GTs this year, Stuart Scott's Golf was a feature of the same series last year, as was Alun Edwards' Mantis - while both Scuderia Ecosse Ferraris are entered.

Eclipse Motorsport has its TVR T400R and a Mantis on the list, while Xero Competition has both its Corvettes. Peter Le Bas and Ricky Cole will be in the yellow car, while the second car still has an opportunity for a couple of drivers to try the C5.

British GT runners having a day out also include the Gavan Kershaw Lotus and the Emotional Engineering Monaro - while the likes of Mike Newton, Nigel Rata, Ian Flux, Allen Lloyd, Colin Blower and Paul Cope all have a history of GT racing. It should be a very interesting event.

1 Ian Donaldson BMW GTR
3 Back / Adams Ferrari GT Cup
4 Stuart Scott Golf GT Cup
5 Stephen Hurst / Rick Wood Audi A4 Supertouring
6 Russell Treasure Lotus Elise
7 Phillip Harris Porsche 996 GT3
8 Warren Gilbert TVR Tuscan
9 TBA SuperMini Britcar
11 Alun Edwards Marcos Mantis
12 Colin Simpson Marcos Mantis
13 Chris Niarchos Scuderia Ecosse F360
14 Andrew Allen BMW GTR
15 Warren Gilbert TVR Tuscan
16 Eclipse Marcos Mantis
17 Eclipse TVR T400R
18 Chris Stockton / Darin Dowling TVR T400R
19 Paul Cope / TBA Venturi GT
20 Lee Noble / Alistair MacKinnon / Neil Glover Noble 400
21 Terry Coleman Ferrari F355 Cup
22 Jullian Griffin / Neil Wardsworth Chrysler Viper
23 Russel Treasure / Matt Cummins Lotus Exige
24 Nigel Mustill / Andy Middlehurst Nissan Skyline
25 Tony Rodgers Porsche 996
26 Jullian Griffin / Neil Wardsworth V10Viper
27 Del Delaronde / Andrew Grant Porsche 911Gtr
30 Xero Competition Corvette C5
31 Team Parker Porsche 996 GT3
32 Tony Rodriguez BMW CSL
33 James Thorpe Lotus Exige Cup
34 Scott Grant BMW E36
35 Damax Witt Gamski F355
36 Nigel Rata Marcos Mantis
43 Burton / Flux F360
Xero Competition Corvette C5
Gary Lucas Mazda RX7
45 Mike Jordan Porsche 996 GT3
46 Colin Blower
Paul Howells Porsche 993
47 Emotional Engineering Monaro
48 TBA SuperMini Belcar
49 Graham Coombes Honda Supertouring
50 Mike Newton Ford Falcon
51 Stuart Roden Scuderia Ecosse F360
52 Freddie Kinchin Marcos Mantis
53 Barrie Whight Lotus Elise
54 Allen Lloyd Jaguar XK8
55 Doug Newman Lotus
56 Willie Moore BMW GTR
57 Jaguar
Mark Charlton Lotus Exige


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