Italian Prototypes – Vallelunga, October 10
The penultimate round of the CIP saw another win for Denny Zardo in his Osella CN4, from Michele Serafini’s similar car: these two will head to the last round at Misano separated by nine points, Zardo still trailing, but closer now – writes Gabriele Tosi.

With Fabio Francia already having won the CN2 Class at Monza, the SR2 title was sown up at Vallelunga by Glauco Solieri in his Tampolli.

The new Lucchini CN2 of Filipo Francioni didn’t start the Vallelunga race, there still being engine problems with this entry, after the Monza round: 26 cars took the green flag.

It was a very determined Zardo on the day, who had to win to keep the class championship alive. At the start he was passed by Serafini, but Zardo initially managed to keep ahead of the big group behind him, comprising Uboldi, Francia, Ghiotto and Pardini.

But Uboldi then passed Zardo and also Serafini, to take the lead on lap 2, but Zardo fought back and repassed them both. On lap 5 the CN2 Champion, Francia, was out (gearbox failure) and Ghiotto establish himself in fourth position, in front of Pardini and Gabellini, still in big trouble with his machine (the ex-points leader saw his chance to battle for the Championship over…).

The central part of the race calmed down quite a lot, with drivers taking care of their machines and looking to finish the race, but the final part was more eventful, in part because of the slower drivers being lapped by the leader. Zardo was able to maintain his lead, but Uboldi was caught and passed by an inspired Serafini.

1. Zardo Osella-BMW CN4 in 35’46.28
2. Serafini Osella-BMW CN4 at 3.02
3. Uboldi Lucchini-BMW CN4 at 4.72
4. Ghiotto Osella-BMW CN4 at 21.14
5. Pardini Lucchini-Alfa CN4 at 22.05
6. Gabellini Centenari-Alfa CN4 at 30.18
7. Margelli Tampolli-Alfa CN4 at 56.92
8. Armetta Osella-Honda CN2 at 1’11.61
9. Solieri Tampolli-Alfa SR2 at 1 lap
10. Randaccio Tampolli-Alfa CN4 at 1 lap

Overall Standings
1. Serafini 116 pts
2. Zardo 107 pts


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