Two Second Places For dsc Lehmann Polo In BTCS
Rounds 8 and 9 of the 2004 BTCS were run at Zolder last weekend (October 2-3) and saw the Lehman VW Polo finish in second place twice... without getting any closer to the title."With four races remaining - before the weekend started - our chances were already mathematical rather than realistic," Bob Winter (left) explains. "We'd have to finish at least three places up on our nearest competitors in all four races, which would have been a bit of a tall order. Each competitor has to drop two scores - but which cannot be the result from the Spa 12 Hours - which is a bit of a bonus for us as we only have to drop two zeros for our no-shows in rounds one and two."

But Lady Luck was smiling Team 86's way, or sort of. The driver trio in the lead Peugeot happened to have had a bit of an argument since the last race, and decided not to team up anymore (remember the BTCS is an endurance-based series, hence the multiple driver teams). The owner of the 106 decided to have someone else on board for the remainder of the season, whereas the other two... built a brand new Citroen C2, probably the very first circuit racing C2 anywhere. "They did a fantastic job," Winter commented. "The whole thing is impressively packaged, every little detail thought of and well executed. And unfortunately for us, the car is very fast straight out of the box."

Indeed, while teething problems (fuel pump) dropped the C2 to fourth in the weekend's first (two-hour) race, it was near unbeatable in the 50-minute sprint race.

"We were lucky with their problems in the first race, but let's face it, to still finish fourth with a car that had never turned a wheel in anger before the first practice session, is still very impressive. The Peugeot finished fifth, and the winner was a team that had only entered one race before, so points-wise it was the best we could have hoped for," Winter said.

dailysportscar.comIn the second race, all that stood between the dsc Polo and a second win this season, were four seconds and... the Citroen C2. "They ran a flawless race, and actually, so did we," Winter said. "But we screwed up the mandatory pit-stop while we were leading, and came back on the track four seconds behind the Citroen. Fortunately the Peugeot dropped out with engine problems, but unfortunately the overall race winners, Lemeret and Nef in the Porsche 911 GT3, took the chequered flag right behind the C2 and just in front of us, so the C2 could do an extra lap, making it look as if they'd taken a lap on us."

To still clinch the Belgian Touring Car title, Team 86 and their venerable 216 bhp VW Polo Lehmann will have to win both races in Spa on October 30 and 31, with the Citroen not finishing higher than fifth in either race. That would seal the title by just five points (including the dropped scores). Should the Peugeot twice finish second behind the dsc Polo, then both driver teams would be tied on points, but the Peugeot would win the title on number of wins (four against three). "So all we have to do is win, make sure the Citroen doesn't finish - just to be on the safe side - and hope that the Peugeot only finishes on the podium once," Winter concluded. "Or in other words: Mission Impossible 3, now at a race track near you."

BTCS - Round 8 - Zolder (2 hours)

1. Thiry/Dermont Jaguar X-Type Silhouette 69 laps in 2h00m09s220
2. Lemeret/Nef Porsche 911 GT3 + 0m07s771
3. Loix/Delcour BMW M3 Silhouette + 0m09s546
Class B
1. Clermont/Van Damme Honda Civic 58 laps in 2h00m18s662
2. Winter/Van Hoof VW Polo Lehmann 16V + 4 laps
3. Ronveaux/Collin Peugeot 106 + 6 laps

BTCS - Round 9 - Zolder (50 mins)

1. Lemeret/Nef Porsche 911 GT3 29 laps in 50m13s572
2. Thiry/Dermont Jaguar X-Type Silhouette + 0m02s342
3. Loix/Delcour BMW M3 Silhouette + 0m27s949
Class B
1. De Ridder/Thibault Citroen C2 25 laps in 52m11s782
2. Winter/Van Hoof VW Polo Lehmann 16V + 1 lap (+ 0m04s)
3. Clermont/Van Damme Honda Civic + 1 lap

BTCS Championship standings

1. Nef/Lemeret Porsche 911 GT3 1126 points (1126)
2. Verbergt/Hemroulle Audi A4 Turbo Silhouette 1064 points (930)
3. Voets/Mathieu Porsche 911 GT3 1047 points (905)
4. Delcour/Loix BMW M3 Silhouette 1005 points (825)
5. Thiry/Dermont Jaguar X-Type Silhouette 950 points (950)
Class B
1. Thibault/De Ridder Citroen C2 415 points (380)
2. Norris Peugeot 106 360 points (360)
3. Winter/Van Hoof VW Polo Lehmann 16V 350 points (350)
4. Collin/Ronveaux Peugeot 106 320 points (255)
5. Quenon/Lefebvre Opel Corsa GSi 175 points (175)


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