Super Sprint Challenge – Brno, Sept. 25/26
We can’t seem to leave the 'little protoypes’ alone at the moment. In the first of last weekend’s two Super Sprint Challenge races at Brno, the impressive 31 car field got as far as half-way into lap 1 before monoposto driver Marcel Baierle found himself unable to avoid the spinning Argo of Wolfgang Dietmann. The little 2l single seater ploughed into the side of the sportscar, and while both drivers were uninjured, the venerable early-90s Argo prototype chassis now seems to be a complete write-off. Among other damage, the left-side fuel tank was ruptured, and the officials halted the race to mop up the mess; the race distance was shortened to 7 laps.

On the restart 20 minutes later, the F3000 Reynards of Peter Milavec and Arnold Wagner made the pace, shadowed by Emanuel Pedrazza in his PRC-Cosworth. An electrical fire then forced Pedrazza out of the event, and from then on it was plain sailing for the two single seaters, Wagner taking victory from Milavec.

dailysportscar.comThe sportscar race was more exciting to watch, with a newcomer to the series fighting for his first class win. Jade Motorsport had come all the way from Britain to present its new sportscar design (right), and in the hands of Tony Sinclair this car instantly proved competitive. The short distance left no time for elaborate tactics, and Sinclair took on the PRC of Wolfgang Payr for victory; this battle was resolved when Payr spun off the track after an unintentional tap from Sinclair. The Super Sprint Challenge thus saw its first win for a British driver, for the Jade marque, and for a Chrysler-engined car. The other Jade car, with Nissan SR2 power and driven by Mike Roberts, crossed the line in seventh place.

dailysportscar.comMultiple European Hillclimb champion Otakar Kramsky scored a fine second place in one of his rare ventures into circuit racing with his Osella-BMW (left), in front of his compatriot Michal Dolak (#10, above) in a PRC.

In the 2l class, old adversaries Burkhard Stricker and "Tessitore“ traded paint on more than one occasion; the battle was finally resolved in favour of Slovenia’s sports racing star.

In race 2 on Sunday, Wagner and Milavec again drove away from the rest of the field as expected; behind them, Tony Sinclair in the Jade again got a good start and made up a few places on lap 1. Now the lone representative of his marque, as Roberts had to miss this race with mechanical trouble, Sinclair then spent the rest of the race putting pressure on Wolfgang Payr (leading the pack, below), who this time around managed to keep the hard-charging Briton at arm’s length, with a fairly stable gap of about three seconds between them for most of the race. It would have taken a single mistake from Payr to reverse this order, but he did not make any on this day. Still, it was a most successful weekend for Jade Motorsport.

In the mean time, Wagner was penalised for an alleged jump start but chose to ignore all signals to come into the pits for his drive-through. He was then black-flagged, and let Milavec through into the lead, but nevertheless stayed out on the track. A heated discussion of the yes-you-did-no-I-didn’t variety followed after the race, but it was to no avail for Wagner. Milavec was the overal race winner and one of two F3000 finishers. In the 2l class, "Tessitore“ and Stricker met once again, and Saturday’s class winner once again had the upper hand.

With international interest in the series beginning to pick up, the Super Sprint Challenge now moves on the Hockenheim, for two races on October 9/10.
Johannes Gauglica


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