Van de Vyver Historic Series – Dijon & Nogaro
Pascal Thebault has already brought us up to date with the VdeV Modern Endurance Challenge events at Dijon and Nogaro. Here he repeats the exercise for the VdeV Historics.

Dijon, August 28-29
Allen Lloyd and Gerry Wainwright started in pole position for the six hour race, and took the victory with Lloyd’s Lola T70 – which was substituting for his regular GT40 entry. A 180 mph top speed from the small block Chevy was perfect for the long straight at Dijon-Prenois.

Pursuers Shipman / Hales (Crossle) and France / Chateaux (Lola T70) swapped positions throughout the race, but gearbox problems for the Lola were to the benefit of the reliable Elva MK8-BMW of Stepak / Bourdin / Stepak: six hour races are real tests of endurance for these pieces of history.

For their first entry into the Endurance Challenge, the Miroux brothers’ Datsun 240Z came close to the podium, as the leader of the GT group, followed home by the Ferrari Daytona of the Scemama family and the Porsche 916 replica of Sevin and Cudini.

Dijon Result
1. Lloyd-Wainwright (Lola T70)
2. Shipman-Hales (Crossle)
3. Stepak-Bourdin-Stepak (Elva MK8)
4. Miroux-Miroux (Datsun 240Z)
5. Scemama-Scemama (Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4)
6. Zurstrassen-Brison-Deneve (Elva MK7)
7. Sevin-Cudini (Porsche 916 replica)
8. Guanzini-Ligonnet-Giavedoni (Elva MK7)
9. Moreau-Langin (Porsche 911)
10. Kohler-Ortion (Porsche 911)
… (33 listed)

Nogaro, September 18-19
For Lloyd and Wainwright, the penultimate round of the Historic series was almost a carbon copy of Dijon: pole position, fastest lap and victory.

After qualifying, the main contenders were again the Crossle of Shipman / Hales and the other T70 of France / Chateaux, but both suffered problems.

Jacques Nicolet and Marc Faggionato took the Widi racing Costin Nathan to second place....

... one lap ahead the quick Chevron B16 of David Yates and Geoff Kimber-Smith. The orange Chevron B8 of David Ferrer, Romain Brandela and Jean-Claude Andruet (sitting on the car, below) took a good fourth, with precious points for the legendary Andruet, who is aiming for a possible crown at the end of the season.

The short haired blond lady on the right of Andruet is Madame Espinos, mother of Frédéric (media man for the FFSA). Mme. Espinos is better known as "Biche", from the time when she was Andruet's co-driver when they rallied such cars as an Alpine Berlinetta, Fiat 131 Abarth, Lancia Stratos and Ferrari 360 GTB. A brave lady...

The next and last round will be held at Nîmes-Lédenon on October 9-10. Lloyd and Wainwright celebrate their victory, below.

Nogaro Result
1. Lloyd-Wainwright (Lola T70)
2. Nicolet-Faggionato (Costin Nathan)
3. Yates-Kimber Smith (Chevron B16)
4. Ferrer-Andruet-Brandela (Chevron B8)
5. Stepak-Bourdin (Elva Mk8)
6. Guanzini-Vignes-Giavedoni (Elva MK7)
7. Kohler-Ortion (Porsche 911)
8. Rodrigues-Ortion (Porsche 911)
9. Brossard-Mothe-Van de Vyver (Porsche 911)
10. Le Jean-Pelletier-Ancelin (Porsche 911)
… (20 listed)

Points After Nogaro
1. Andruet (Chevron B8) 105 points
2. Lloyd / Wainwright (Ford GT 40 + Lola T 70) 102 points
4. Dutoya / Saulnier / Dutoya (Elva MK 8) 92 points
7. Bourdin / Stepak (Elva MK 8) 91 points
9. Nicolet (Costin Nathan) 90 points
10. Belin (Chevron B8) 87 points


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