Czech Protocup - October 16
October 16 will see the premiere of the Czech Protocup at Most. This late race is the result of the efforts of sportscar enthusiast Martin Krejci to rekindle his country's rich prototype racing tradition.

dailysportscar.comThe Czech racing scene is traditionally one of the most active in all of Central Europe, from the days of the Juneks and their Bugattis up to Tomas Enge and Jaroslav Janis; this is the Ostrava street race in 1978 (right).

Even when motor racing was frowned upon by Communist officialdom as decadent folly, racecars of all kinds were designed and raced in what was then Czechoslovakia. In addition national racing, events like the European Touringcar Championship round at the old Brno street circuit, and later the Interserie races at Most (not to mention of course the motorcycle Grand Prix) drew crowds of up to 200,000 people.

Oddly enough, there is currently no place for prototypes in Czech circuit racing. Last year's mixed prototype / GT regulations for the Czech Endurance Championship were unfortunately abandoned for this year. The new series, which will partly happen within the current Interserie / Super Sprint Challenge, hopes to fill this void.

A field of 20 to 30 cars is expected, from "post-historics" from the '70s to Osella's latest CN machines. With a little luck, the new series will revive the Czech race fans' love affair with prototype racing.

The possible entry is listed here. Below are two of the likely contenders: Michal Dolak in his PRC and Otakar Kramsky in his Osella. More details here.
Johannes Gauglica


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