No Larbre Ferrari At Albi
There will be two Larbre Ferraris at Spa next weekend for the 1000 Km LMES race, but Patrice Goueslard confirmed during the last few days that the car that has been racing in the French GT Championship will not compete there again (and therefore isn’t at Albi this weekend). The 550’s best result of the season so far is a fourth place.

"It is inconceivable for a driver and his sponsors to take the start of a race knowing that it is impossible to target the win,” says Goueslard. “It's the review we have to make with this Ferrari in this GT championship where obviously, they boast of its entry, but it musn't win. I won't start again to enumerate all the technical differences between the French GT and the other regulations, but the fact remains that this brilliant Ferrari (which) wins everything abroad but nothing in France!

“The French lawmaker has ‘sterilized’ the beautiful red one! For me and after two French titles in 2002 and 2003, it is intolerable to continue in 2004 with a car that runs two seconds slower than the Vipers. While with the 24 hours of Le Mans regulations for example, the Ferrari ‘explodes’ the times of the Vipers!”

So Goueslard has dropped out of the FFSA GT series, but will race at Spa next weekend, with Tomas Enge and Robert Pergl.
David Legangneux


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