New CvO CN Chassis
While Yves Courage has been watching his cars race to some stunning successes recently, another French manufacturer is making progress in the Technoparc at Le Mans – writes Claude Foubert.

Just in front of Pescarolo Sport’s workshop, Christian Van Oost and his staff are currently assembling the second CvO R01, CN Class chassis. Compared to the first one, it’s a significantly different car, with many new parts. The car is lighter (30 kgs less, weight now 570 kgs) and is now under the CN limit (600 kgs), so the team will be able to put the ballast wherever they want. The engine is now lower and so is the centre of gravity, there is a new suspension and a new rear wing. The chassis is now carbon and steel. Many parts of the car, formerly aluminium parts, are now carbon parts.

The first race for this chassis is next Sunday at Dijon in the VdeV Championship. Thierry Perrier, Christian Van Oost’s partner, will enter the car, with a stunning blue livery, and will drive it himself alongside Romain Rautureau. The event is the 3 Hours of Dijon Modern (race length: 4h05!!).

The first CvO R01 chassis will race too, entered and driven by Christian Demigneux, 2003 FFSA GT French Cup winner. For his first race this car, at Val de Vienne, Demigneux set the second and fourth quickest lap times.

Next month, the team will have a new 100% carbon chassis and if everything goes to plan, will begin its LMP2 project by the end of the year. Christian Van Oost aims to enter this car at Le Mans in 2006 – entry permitted - and would like to enter the car in the last 2005 LMES race, as preparation for the following year.

So, a tough but exciting challenge for CvO, which has Dunlop and ATS as partners. The car will be on display for the Le Mans FFSA GT round, on 25-26 September and maybe at the 2005 Birmingham Motor Show.

Christian Van Oost is shown with his new chassis.


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