Monterey Historics Preview
While dsc Europe is slaving away at the LMES race at Silverstone, Janos and I will be banished to one of my favorite places in the world, Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca, for the annual Historic races – writes Gary Horrocks. Actually, using the word race might be incorrect; think high speed parade. This time, the featured marque will be Ferrari. Might the area be a bit crowded? Nah, there is no interest in those Red cars, is there? Expect Ferraris of every type and vintage to be represented at the track. One “race” will feature some un-godly amount of Testa Rossas, something like 30 of them.

Last year, Cobras and GT-40s were common when Ford was the featured marque. I guess this weekend it will be like, “ho hum, look there. Just another GTO…”

To whet your appetite, this is Bruce McCaw’s 1967 Ferrari 412P, one of only three built, which was seen at the Portland Historic races in July of this year. I would imagine it will be there too. That’s too bad. I hate this sort of punishment…

Janos adds that on Sunday afternoon at Laguna Seca, test driver Andrea Bertolini will make a 10 minute run in Schumi's 2003 world champ winning F1 car. He should shatter the Audi and CART records.


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