Euro GTs Spring Back Into Life This Weekend
The Marlboro Masters at Zandvoort this weekend sees the revival of the Euro GT series - with an impressive entry for the pair of 40 minute races (the first on Saturday afternoon).

The GT Class includes a works entry from BMW Motorsport, with Duncan Huisman behind the wheel of a genuine M3 GTR. This car was present at Spa last weekend, under the team's awning - presumably 'just in case'.

Huisman faces the challenge of a horde of Marcos LM600s and Vipers, plus a varied array of other powerful GT cars, while the N-GT Class sees plenty of variety too.

GT Class
31 Marcos Racing International NL Marcos Mantis LM600 Cor Euser
32 Rob Knook Racing NL Stealth B6 Rob Knook
33 Marcos Racing International NL Marcos Mantis LM600 Jos Menten
34 CC Racing Libanon Porsche GT2 Evo Chaouki Chikhani
36 André Wilke D Porsche GT2
37 Daniël Schrey D Porsche GT2
38 Kuismanen Racing Fin Chrysler Viper GTS-R Pertti Kuismanen
39 WSM Motorsport/Lapp Kabel D Porsche 935 Michael Schrey/Wolfgang Schrey
40 Elmar Grimm D Porsche GT2
41 Hart Vastgoed/Hezemans Racing NL Chrysler Viper GTS Team/David Hart
42 Herman Buurman NL Marcos LM600
43 BMW Motorsport D BMW M3 GTR Duncan Huisman NL

N-GT Class
51 Team Lammertink NL Porsche GT3 RS Charles Brugman
52 Marcos Racing International NL Marcos Mantis Pieter van Soelen
53 Marcos Racing International NL Marcos Mantis Rudolf van Soelen
54 Marcos Racing International NL Marcos Mantis t.b.a.
55 H&P NL Marcos Mantis Peter van der Kolk
56 LG Racing D Ferrari 360 N-GT Peter Brecht
57 Luca Moro NL Porsche GT3 RS
58 Dirk Schulz NL Porsche 996 Cup
59 Robin Bakker/Martijn Bakker NL Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
60 B-fast Porsche Competition NL Porsche GT3 Cup Coen Backelandt/Guus Backelandt
61 René Snel NL Porsche GT3 RS
62 Moritz Racing NL Marcos Mantis Dennis Swart
63 Moritz Racing NL Marcos Mantis Cup Bert Moritz/Rob Happé
64 Kroymans/Andersen NL Ferrari 348 GT Michelotto Peter Andersen D
65 Autodromo D Porsche 996 GT3 Dag von Garrel
66 Euro Autosport NL BMW M3 E36 Ruud Olij
67 H&P NL Marcos Mantis Jeroen v.d. Heuvel/Harald Roelse
68 Blue Marlin Racing Team D Chevrolet Corvette C4-R Nico Unteregger
69 Marcel Norbart/Boy Zentveldt NL Porsche GT3
70 MIS Sport Promotion D V8 Star Audi A6 Thomas Mutsch
71 Wijnakker Racing NL Marcos Mantis Mathew van Diessen


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