Lucchini’s New CN2 Prototype
It wasn't just the new Lucchini LMP2 that was being tested at Misano on Wednesday (August 4) – writes Gabriele Tosi. Giorgio Lucchini presented his new CN2 machine too, in which Filippo Francioni completed over 60 laps during the day.

The best lap was a 1:31.6, with a lot of laps covered in under 1:32 – and the car ran extremely reliably. The only problem was a shortage of fuel at one point, which caused some hilarity on the part of the mechanic responsible for fuelling the car.

The mechanics seem to be so proud of the car, they signed it.

The little CN2 is powered by a 2.0 litre, 16 valve Honda engine, in Group N spec., eveloping about 200 bhp. It is a descendant of the same unit used in the Honda Accord in the Supertouring era.

The gearbox is built by the Austrian Pankl company (Guglielmo F.Pizzetto and Sergio Rinland were present yesterday), and the very compact unit seems to be very reliable straight out of the box. It has been specifically built for the Lucchinis (both LMP and CN2), and Guglielmo Pizzetto explained that it’s like an F1 ‘box in its design, but with more economical components.

It is a 5 speed manual version for the CN2 car, but the same basic unit is used in the LMP2, but as a six speed sequential version.


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