Endurance Race At Kyalami – December 4
Mark Woolley at Pole Position Promotions in South Africa is behind this idea – to recreate the Kyalami Nine Hours of old, but run it as a shorter race this year, either three or six hours.

“We’d like to run it as a six hour race, because that’s going to be close to a 1,000 kilometre event, but we’re not fussy – if teams would prefer a shorter race, say three hours, that’s fine with us,” explains Mark Woolley.

“We’re negotiating with a freight partner right now.”

The plan is to find between 12 and 15 prototypes and GTs to enter the race, and the balance of a (maximum) 40 car field would come from local South African entries.

Pole Position will:
- cover all the freight costs for the cars, spares and fuel rigs
- supply six (open to discussion) air tickets and accommodation for six people per car
- supply a minibus for transport to and from the track
- arrange for the supply of air bottles for air jacks and wheel changing equipment
- arrange fuel needs
- arrange for a tyre fitting service.

Teams will have to organise their own tyre supply.

Fred Goddard is helping to coordinate things from the European end, so contact him - +44 (0)7802 215278 – if you require any more information.

Fred reports “a lot of interest” from European teams he has contacted so far.


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