Misano – Italian GT Championship – July 17-18 – Race 2
17 cars on the grid for the second race, and of course no EbiMotors RSR and no DR Viper, both involved in the dramatic shunt during the first heat.

At the start Lancellotti grabbed the lead from Perazzini and Bonaldi, while in N-GT the pole man was Arturo Merzario (34 years after his last time on the pole, we believe) was passed by the yellow Mik 360 GTC of “Linos”, but the ever young Arturo began a good battle with the yellow 360, with a little touch and some damage here and there, with behind them the (almost champion) Kessel pressing hard. Casè starting at the back (thanks to the engine change on Saturday) was already in sixth place in the JMB 575.

Merzario finally made the move (to lead N-GT), then Chiesa passed “Linos”, while in the lead battle Lancellotti was extending his lead from Perazzini and Bonaldi. Meanwhile Casè caught and passed Bonaldi, but this time the pass was more difficult than in race one. Casè was up to third already.

In the GT3 class Raimondi was trying to pass the second of the Mastercar 360s, but made contact with La Mazza and pretty much ended the race because the damage was getting worse and worse, a shame because the pair had almost closed the gap in the standings with the GT3 Porsche of Sada / Sala, almost champion as well now.

At 12 minutes clutch dramas struck the reigning champion Perazzini and he pitted the Viper – out of the race.


A little further back, Peter passed “Linos” for the third place in N-GT and began a ‘rude’ but fair battle with Kessel, the pair followed by “Linos”…meanwhile Merzario flew away at the front!

Baso entered the pits with a puncture on the right front, more bad luck for the Vipers.

Lancellotti was all the time gaining time from the 575, reflecting the real status of the Lister team this weekend: totally focused and a perfect set up for the car straight from the first free practice.

Pit stop time began with the N-GT front runners (not Merzario) straight in nose to tail, Chiesa exiting just in front of Berton, despite the fact that the Viper of Cioci was very slow to exit the pit too. The Ferrari duo exited just in front of Merzario and Berton was playing hard to keep Arturo behind. Berton then tried an impossible late braking move to pass Chiesa and had a little trip into the sand.

Cioci meantime parked his Viper in the middle of the main straight, with transmission trouble. Zonca, taking over from Lancellotti in the Lister, wasnot only maintaining a good 30 second lead but kept it growing lap after lap, a very good job by the semi-pro driver.

Finally Berton made it past Chiesa and went on to win the class, because despite the best efforts from Merzario, his partner Francucci was very slow and lost huge amount of time.

We just had time to see Mastracci lose a (Viper) wheel and on the penultimate lap Francucci, completing a bad race, hit the Viper of Bonaldi at the end of the main straight - then on the last lap Malucelli slowed dramatically in the Ferrari 575 (another puncture), but he managed to reach the finish line, in second place.


In GT3 class Sada / Sala won and took the Championship, thanks to steady scoring races rather than outright speed, the Porsche clearly slower than the Maserati from the third round of the series. The only other finisher was the Maserati Light of Corradi / Cipolli.

Obviously over the moon were Zonca and Lancellotti and Chiesa and Kessel. Liz Halliday finished tenth, in a Porsche she was sharing with Roda – this weekend was her first experience of the Italian series.
At the end of another thrilling and unfortunately dramatic weekend we have two out of three Champions… well nearly three, because unless something dramatic happens, the Lister should take the GT title at Vallelunga in September. There is an issue with the suspension of the Lister, and the team has 10 days to demonstrate the correct certification of the parts.

In only its second year, the re-born Italian GT Championship has establish itself as the best series in Italy, with fantastic races, very good drivers old and young, good cars…but maybe next year with the arrival of the Saleen everything will change - unless new cars arrive from Maranello.
Gabriele Tosi

Result Race 2
1. Zonca-Lancellotti Lister in 1:00’25.181
2. Casè-Malucelli Ferrari 575 - 1:03.732
3. “Linos”-Berton Ferrari 360 GTC - 1 lap
4. Chiesa-Kessel Ferrari 360 GTC - 1 lap
5. Bonaldi-Mastracci Viper - 1 lap
6. Quester-Peter Porsche - 1 lap
7. Moccia-Groppi Porsche - 1 lap
8. Drudi-Monti Ferrari 360 Modena 1 lap
9. Merzario-Francucci Ferrai 360 GTC - 2 laps
10. Roda-Halliday Porsche - 2 laps


1. Zonca-Lancellotti Lister 172 pts
2. Matteuzzi-Perazzini Viper 154
3. Casè Ferrari 141
4. Baso-Cioci Viper 138
5. Mastracci Viper 133

1. Chiesa-Kessel Ferrari 204 pts CHAMPION
2. Riccitelli Porsche 157
3. Drudi-Monti Ferrari 140

1. Sada-Sala Porsche 233 pts CHAMPION
2. Cipolli-Corradi Maserati 182
3. Giudici-Raimondi Maserati 180


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