Motors Talk – Hindhaugh’s Conclusions
“Please thank all the dsc readers who supported the first show last night,” says John Hindhaugh this morning.

“Here's a few words from me in response to the many mails / calls I have had already.

“Many thanks for the comments and thanks for seeing beyond the technical difficulties. Just as we were going on air we lost power to the truck and our poor director and producer spent the first 10-15 minutes trying to get everything back on line. My first taste of live Telly was a real baptism of fire! The biggest confusion (among many for me) was that the red lights on the top of the cameras were not matching which unit was 'on air'....Fortunately we had good people and got beyond that...

”There have been a few comments about our surroundings and rather entertainingly comparing us to "Speed Sunday" and their studio.

“Our 'set' was in fact one of Rockingham's hospitality boxes: we had planned to have their very swish presentation area stacked up with cars and other props, but a late booking from Bridgestone put paid to that. However it's only fair to say it was never our intention to be tied to a studio. Future shows are planned from team workshops, drivers' homes, car showrooms, local pub and someone even mentioned my Gulf blue dining room!

”To be honest we could probably do a whole 12 months of shows for what Speed Sunday spent on their set!

”I think the good thing was that we proved the concept, the response on email and phone was huge, we had good callers, good questions and we could have easily run another hour with what we had stacked up!

”Let's just hope we can get the funding for the rest of the shows.”

We hope so too John. And thanks to the dsc reader who did hear Johnny Mowlem’s ‘wind-up’ question to David Brabham: it was along the lines of the size of the mirrors in the Lamborghini….

John Hindhaugh fills us in on another interesting development in his world…

”Quite a few people have picked up on the 'tease' of a new radio channel at Radio Le Mans and again in the Motors TV press release - so here's the news. I am part of a team that is in the process of setting up a Sky digital radio channel, in fact it's running test transmissions now on the digi platform. The intention is to have a mix of music, motorsport, automotive news, car and bike tests, motorsport and live sporting events. Think Motors TV meets Auto Express running on Radio Le Mans.

”The transmissions will also soon be available on the Internet, and once we have satisfied Sky we can sustain the service 365 days a year, and attracted a few sponsors, we expect to be generally available on the Sky Digital platfom no later than September.

”We are busy planning a glittering launch event of which more details later...the plan is to have it at a major sporting event, with a live audience, and to try and link it to another live edition of Motors Talk.

”Fingers crossed! But I have to say it's very encouraging to know our efforts are appreciated.”

Next stop for Hindhaugh (plus Graham Tyler and Jim Martyn) – Infineon Raceway.


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