You Rascal, Johnny Mowlem
The Ed. has to admit that he was laughing so much, he didn’t hear Johnny’s question to David Brabham, on John Hindhaugh’s Motors Talk programme this evening. It was definitely a reference to passing Brabs at Mid-Ohio though. ‘Johnny from Reading’ indeed.

Mark Winsor from K2 also phoned in, praising the TV channel for its coverage of the LMES events – and wondering if Hindy would be at Silverstone next month for Round 3, or in Paris again. Silverstone we hope John.

Brabs was the entertaining one on the panel this evening: well done the sportscar man. It was just getting interesting as the hour ran out, as the Australian referred to the current qualifying system in F1 as a “joke”. He advocates going back to the old one hour session, with everyone allowed out together, or a shorter 20 minutes session “as we have in the ALMS”.

To a European brought up on one hour sessions, the US ‘20 minute method’ used to strike me as odd… but I’m all for it now. The drivers have two or three chances to set a quick lap, on a circuit reasonably free of traffic, and still have time for another stab at the end. If you don’t get a good lap in, you start nearer the back and have more work to do in the race. Simple and effective.

Well done John Hindhaugh this evening.


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