Italian Prototypes – Mugello, July 11
A dramatic race unfolded for the CIP event at Mugello, in the Tuscany hills, yesterday, July 11. Denny Zardo (the current points leader) wasn’t involved in the qualifying session, because the BMW engine in his Osella blew up during the opening laps of free practice, so he started from the back of the 33 car grid. Perhaps that was the best place to be….

At the start we had a pile-up in the middle of the grid, with no less than eight cars involved: Baccarelli and Mascolo escaped with respectively a cracked vertebra and a leg in bad shape. Sympathies to these two, and best wishes for rapid recoveries.

So from the original 33 they were down to 26 at the second restart. As for the first one, Uboldi took the lead in his Lucchini, but behind him Serafini (inspired throughout) overtook Gabellini and after a brief hunt caught and passed Uboldi on the second lap. Behind the leaders Zardo was having a cracking time, passing cars left, right and centre. By the third lap he was already eighth.

In the meantime Serafini and his Osella were in control, and despite the best efforts of Uboldi (and thanks to a problem with the aerodynamic package) Serafini flew away and never looked back. Behind the two leaders there was a good scrap between Francisci, Solieri, Francia and…Zardo, Denny up to fifth already. Francisci had to park his car and on lap 9 of 15 Francia (winner in the CN2 class) passed the SR2 machine of Solieri.

At the end Serafini (with also the best lap by quite a margin) won in front of Uboldi while Gabellini finished in third place in his Centenari, then Zardo eventually passed Francia for a remarkable charge through the field to fourth. Fifth and first of the CN2 class was Francia.

The BMW-powered cars were most suited to the high-speed Mugello track. The Championship looks a little closer but clearly Zardo (59) is one step ahead of the others – led by Serafini on 42 and Uboldi on 39. Next stop is Imola where the BMW powered cars will probably have a more difficult time than at Mugello.
Gabriele Tosi

1. Serafini Osella Pa20-BMW CN4 18 laps 33’36.732 1’49.647
2. Uboldi Lucchini P1-BMW CN4 -18.373 1’51.062
3. Gabellini Centenari-AlfaRomeo CN4 -19.871 1’51.399
4. Zardo Osella Pa20-BMW CN4 -39.939 1’51.538
5. Francia Osella Pa21-Honda CN2 -44.434 1’52.051
6. “Gianfranco” Osella Pa20-Alfa CN4 -52.200 1’53.193
7. Armetta Osella Pa21-Honda CN2 -1’07.736 1’54.060
8. Solieri Lucchini Sr2-Alfa SR2 -1’12.282 1’53.070
9. Pezzolla Osella Pa21-Honda CN2 -1’30.559 1’54.156
10. Piccone Lucchini Sr2-Alfa SR2 -2’01.437 1’55.112
17. Vallebona Lucchini P1-Alfa CN3 - 4 laps 1.58.118.


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