Motors TV To Air New Show
Tuesday of next week, July 13, will see Motors TV launch a brand new motorsport programme, called Motors Talk. Presented by ALMS Radio and Radio Le Mans frontman John Hindhaugh, the programme promises to break the mould of sports talk shows.

"We'll be reviewing recent motorsport events and nothing will be taboo," said Hindhaugh. "I want guests who have an attitude and are prepared to express an opinion!" With BTCC ace Matt Neal and former Pacific F1 driver and current ALMS pilot David Brabham as two of the first guests, it's not hard to see things getting interesting.

It's not just the guests who need to be forthright though, says Hindhaugh. "This is as much about the fans as the guests, it's not often they get to interact directly with their heroes, particularly in this situation with no barriers on what we can and can't discuss. So if someone wants to ask Brabs about the state of current F1 they can... in fact I hope they do!"

Oh crikey, this could get nasty….. Hindhaugh near an F1 debate...

Another key feature of Motors Talk is that it will not be tied to a studio, the opening show coming live from Rockingham.

"We are working with teams, circuits and drivers to take the show to them, giving viewers an 'insiders' look at some of the venues," confirmed executive producer Adrian Bourne. " PMA TV has extensive experience of outside broadcasts gained on projects like Ascar. Motors Talk poses some new challenges, especially with the interactive elements of phone and e-mail contacts," explained Bourne. "Fortunately our satellite broadcast partner Globecast has all the technology we need at its fingertips. They are looking after the Olympics so this is relatively easy for them."

The first Motors Talk is next Tuesday, just after the British GP, and the week before ALMS at Infineon Raceway… will there be enough to fill an hour?

"F1 always throws up a couple of talking points, even if it's just how ‘quiet’ the race was," affirms an unusually diplomatic Hindhaugh.

"Plus we can look forward to Dale Earnhard Jr making his ALMS debut, DTM, LMES at Silverstone, BTCC at Croft. I'm not sure how we'll fit it all in!"

This sounds like just the thing for dsc subscribers. Go on, check the schedule and tune in – and e-mail Brabs and ask him what he thinks of F1. 20.00 BST July 13, we believe.


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