Kaufmann – Tuner Grand Prix Winner
Wolfgang Kaufmann is busy in other fields of performance driving, as well as racing the Wieth Ferrari in FIA GTs and the A Level Engineering Porsche in the LMES – and trying to scare the **** out of us round the Nordschleife: on May 29 / 30, he took part in the Sport Auto Tuner Grand Prix at Hockenheim.

dailysportscar.comCreated by the German magazine Sport Auto, the format resembles that of a practice session at a 'regular' race.

"The cars that are entered are thrown together in several classes, like GT, Saloon, SUV, and so on,” explains ‘Piranha’. “The cars, and also the tyres, are completely street legal, just like what a customer can buy. The tyres only give you a window of about three laps to set a good time, then they are done. Whoever does the fastest lap wins his class. It's that simple!"

Driving a Gemballa Porsche 996 (below), Kaufmann won his class from Frank Schmickler with a TechArt-prepared Porsche, and Marc Basseng with Cargraphic's interpretation of the 996 theme. The emphasis is clearly on the competition within the classes, with the Tuner Grand Prix awarded to the each class winner; but in addition to this, the fastest time overall on street legal tyres is also acknowledged. Kaufmann also managed that. Purely for the fun of it, there is a contest for the fastest lap of the day, on street-legal sport tyres (basically road tyres but with a different tread).


With a drifting competition in the afternoon, and a fair where everyone who is anyone in the tuning scene has the latest performance-enhancing gadgets on display, the Tuner Grand Prix has become a fixture on the calendar, not just for all renowned tuners and professional drivers, but also for an increasing number of appreciative petrolheads.

"It is a fun event for everyone, also because there are a lot of people there. It’s a one day event, and we had 25,000 paying spectators" - a crowd some international motor races would like to have.
Johannes Gauglica




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