Spanish GTs Estoril – Race Reports – June 27

1st Race
Race 1 saw a ‘mega’ start from the Mello Breyners’ Porsche 911 GT2. However, the Portuguese Porsche didn’t survive for long out front, because the Marcos LM 600s of Marcos Racing International. and Meycom were too strong at Estoril.

dailysportscar.comIt was a bad race for Darro Motor Sport’s SEAT Toledo GT: The Spanish machine had a spin and lost a lot of time, on the third lap. There were brake troubles for the champion car.

Cor Euser wasn't at the top of the lap charts for long: Angel Burgueno was the fastest guy on the car and claimed first place on the fourth lap. However, luck deserted the Jarama-based team, the Marcos suffering mechanical troubles and it lost one lap.

After the pit-stops, the Marcos Racing LM 600 was out front, ahead of Shanun Balfe Motorsport’s Mosler, the Mello Breyners’ Porsche and the ASM Team’s Porsche 911 GT3-RS. But that wasn’t how it stayed to the finish.

The leading Marcos was penalized 20 seconds for an unfair pit stop. The Mello Breyner Porsche ‘lost’ its gearbox and British Mosler had a small incident with the Saturn SEAT Toledo GT at the end of the main straight….. so…Miguel Pais do Amaral and Pedro Couceiro took their first win in GT Racing, for ASM.

In the GTB category, Antonio Cutillas and Ricardo García Galiano (Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge) took the win. The youngest line-up inherited the victory because Manel Cerqueda and Luis Pérez Sala (Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge) received a 30 second penalty.

The slow Ángel Banus Audi TT won GTC category.

2nd Race
Miguel Ángel de Castro made a good start and led until the stops: however, the black Marcos lost the leadership in the pits to Marcos Racing International’s Cor Euser, who drove a fantastic second stint and gave his team another victory in Spain.

There were many troubles for Porsche front running crews, although Jesus Diez Vilarroel car finished in third behind the two LM 600s. There were gearbox troubles for the Mello Breyners, the ASM Team and Motor Competicion.

The British Mosler MT900R was unlucky again. Victor Fernandez hit Shaun Balfe’s car when the American car was just close enough to steal the podium position from the Spanish Porsche. Shaun Balfe had taken over in fifth, but drove hard to make up places, despite a slight brake problem.

Manel Cerqueda and Luis Pérez Sala lost the first race of the day but they had their revenge in the second.

The orange Audi TT of Ángel Banus won the GTC category again. This car is ugly and slow, but its reliability is helping it a lot.
Sergio Fonseca

Race 1 Result
1 Amaral/Couceiro Porsche 996 GT3 RS 24 Voltas
2 Euser/Dongen Marcos Mantara LM 600 a s
3 Balfe/Taylor Mosler MT900R a 5,133s
4 Villalba/Gutierrez Porsche 996 GT3 RS a 6,208s
5 Villarroel/Fernandez Porsche 911 GT2 a 19,550s
6 Nogueira Porsche 911 GT2 a 1m00,084s
7 Manuel M. Breyner/Pedro M. Breyner Porsche 911 GT2 a 1m06,793s

Race 2 Result
1 Euser/Dongen Marcos Mantara LM 600 24 voltas
2 de Castro/Burgueño Marcos Mantara LM 600 a 8,495s
3 Villarroel/Fernandez Porsche 911 GT2 a 30,792s
4 Balfe/Taylor Mosler MT900R a 41,265s
5 Amaral/Couceiro Porsche 996 GT3 RS a 45,473s
6 Nogueira Porsche 911 GT2 a 1m02,624s
7 Bastos/Névoa Ferrari F360 Modena N/GT a 1m37,202s.


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