Italian Driver’s Trophy – Misano – June 6
Gabriele Tosi is a great fan of this series, and forwards this report from the meeting earlier this month.

This time the usual two categories, up to 2000cc and over 2000cc, are split into three races. In fact about 100 cars are entered for this event, at one of the best Italian track for layout and facilities. The qualifying sessions were very exciting, with plenty of action in the 25 minute periods.

At the end the pole went to the 911 GT3 of Dazzan (seen in the race, above), in front of the Alfa Romeo 156 Supertouring of Valli, followed by another 911 of Borrett, then “the old lady” 993 turbo of Pasini …. then another two Porsches, those of Proietti and Gravino. Your reporter’s favourite Volvo S40 was eighth fastest.

The 23 car field (for the largest-engined cars) included some 360 Challenge entries, some other Supertouring cars and the Clio V6s.

dailysportscar.comOn race day, dark clouds were approaching very fast and the local marshals reckoned that a big storm was approaching. In fact, just 15 minutes before the start, the heavens opened in biblical fashion, and the track was like a big lake, and everyone sought shelter.

15 minutes later and the rain stopped, a strong cold wind helping to dry the track. The race started almost half an hour later with four non-starters (no rain tyres) including the S40. Bugger.

At the (standing) start on a still very wet track the rear-wheel drive Porsche had a very fast getaway, while the local man Valli in his 156 had a dreadful one and was tenth at the first corner.

But soon Valli recovered and was chasing Borrett (Porsche GT3 Cup) very hard. It was interesting to see the Supertouring 156 and the Porsches matching lap times, with the Alfa exiting out of the curves very fast only to be caught by the Borret Porsche (below) on the main straights – all this on a track that was still damp.

dailysportscar.comNot such good conditions for the Sierra RS500, which was struggling badly with its immense turbo torque. Also out in the early laps were two other the Supertouring machines, the Honda Accord of Sterza and the BMW 320i of Destro, while the Vauxhall Vectra of Benefenati was making ground very fast and having a very good battle with the 993 Turbo of Pasini, which passed the Vauxhall on every straight.

Behind the top 5 Benusiglio (360 Challenge), Farneti (Lotus Exige) and Gravino (RS) having another big fight.

Valli and Borrett still battled hard, while a little distant was the 911 Cup of Proietti.

On lap 9 out of 12 dramas struck the 156 of Valli (transmission), so Borrett had an ‘easy life’ (thanks also to the ABS system on the Porsche Cup version) and cruised to a deserved win just two seconds in front of Proietti, while the battle for third place took the spotlight away from the leader for the last two laps: on an almost dry track the superior power of the 993 turbo of Pasini had the upper hand from Benefenati, some ten seconds back Dazzan, Benusiglio and Farneti crossing the line within one and half seconds.

So another exciting race in this Championship, full of battles between very different types of cars, and a good grid too.

For Italian readers (and those who understand and read Italian) full standings on section “calendario e classifiche gare”.


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