New Lola Downhill Prototype
The Lola Group has joined forces with management consultancy firm AT Kearney to create this machine, the Indego, to compete in the soapbox derby at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood this weekend.

dailysportscar.comAT Kearney’s Jeff Beer will guide this remarkable looking machine this weekend: in testing in April, it reached 54 mph down the Goodwood hill.

"We are looking forward to going to Goodwood with what is without doubt our strongest challenger yet,” says Beer. “AT Kearney would like to acknowledge the assistance that Lola have given to this, as their skill and dedication has made such a difference in our participation this year. It’s easy to see why Lola is usually the first port of call when it comes to the capabilities it has, in particular, composites and aerodynamics.

"It is all about momentum and then carrying as much speed as possible through the Molecomb turn," Beer continued. " After the test day, I must say expectation is high because the Indego was an absolute joy to drive as it was so precise and nimble. The steering is so direct and it handled like a total dream. I can’t praise it too highly and I think we have a very good chance this weekend."


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