Happy Birthday Ed
1956 saw Fangio and Castelloti win Sebring, Fangio win The F1 Championship and Flockhart and Sanderson take Le Mans.

It also saw the emergence into daylight for the first time of Malcolm Colin Cracknell, no doubt complaining bitterly about the sheer injustice of being removed from a situation he had grown comfortable with. Little has changed in the intervening years (apart from the Fangio, Castelloti, Flockhart and Sanderson bit that is!)

Happy Birthday Malc from all at DSC, We tried to find a pic that said it all – This is the best we could do – The caption contest starts on the forum right now!

And by the way Malc, you have definitely had your dinner.

B***ards! And the speck of gold was so small I lost it (as eyes and everything else start to fail...) At least my birthday is longer than everyone else's...



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