What on earth could there be in a comedy action film about a Marseille taxi driver that would interest dailysportscar readers?

dailysportscar.comWell, apart from the fact that it is genuinely funny, the action sequences are simply stunning (thanks to the direction of Luc Besson), the set piece car chases (featuring a super-quick Peugeot 406 no less) and scooter stunt riding are top notch, and if that isn’t reason enough to get interested, then hang on right to the end of the film.

No, not the closing sequence (which by the way features a fleeting shot of David Saelens in a single seater) but the credits, for it’s there that you’ll find the names of the drivers who performed the chase scenes. Jabouille, Jarier, Schlesser, Kleinschmitt, Touroule, Pescarolo, Ragnotti, and Alliot: Le Mans winners, Paris / Dakar winners, F1 drivers and a World Sportscar Champion! For the sequel, predictably enough entitled Taxi 2, Michel Neugarten and Xavier Pompidou joined the party.

As a DVD that is available for a bargain bucket price in the UK at the moment, it’s well worth looking out for.


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