Spanish GTs – Jarama – Race Reports
20,000 spectators were present at Jarama on Sunday, to see both of the 45 minute GT races (after the deluge on Saturday afternoon).

Race 1
Miguel Angel de Castro in the big Marcos took the lead at the start of Sunday morning’s race, from Gine Vivancos in the Toledo GT, and then held it off to the end of the race, despite the SEAT guys’ best efforts. The Meycom Marcos was the fastest car on the track and the Repsol / XBox sponsored car was untouchable. The Darro Motor Sport SEAT finished second ahead of the Marcos Racing International car: Cor Euser is naturally fast but his team-mate, the young Dutchman Van Dongen is still learning the Marcos’ secrets.

The race saw a good battle for fourth place: Díez Villarroel’s Porsche won the battle against the Mello-Breyners’ Porsche 911 GT2 and Motor Competition Porsche 911 GT3-RS.

In the GTB class, Ferrari cars were too strong. Santiago Puig and Joan Vinyes’ car finished a distant first ahead of Luis Pérez Sala / Manuel Cerqueda car. The star of the Albacete round, Vicente Saenz Merino, completed the podium.

Roberto and Sosa claimed the GTC victory in their old Porsche 911 GT3.

1º. De Castro-Burgueño (Marcos LM600), 46'01''
2º. Vivancos-Gené (Seat Toledo), 46'05''
3º. Euser-Van Dongen (Marcos LM600), 46'19''
4º. Díez Villarroel-Fernández (Porsche 911 GT2), 46'37''
5º. Villalba-Gutiérrez (Porsche GT3 RS), 46'50''

Race 2
The Meycom Marcos managed another handsome triumph, after starting from the pole: third victory of the season. Miguel Angel de Castro and Angél Burgueño are now leading the championship. The British Mosler MT 900R of Balfe Motorsport was second, a result which keeps driver Shaun Balfe and Nigel Taylor in the title hunt, in second place, just eight points behind De Castro and Burgueño.

After the pit stops, the Molser was second on the road, chasing the Marcos Racing International Marcos. But Shaun Balfe was told that Euser’s team had incurred a penalty for too quick a pit stop, so that was a chase not worth continuing with. Balfe couldn’t hold off the Meycom car though, so third on the road, second in the results it was. It's the MRI car that is behind the Mosler in this image.

It was an unlucky race for the Portuguese "army" at Jarama. The ASM Team Porsche 911 GT3-RS suffered an accident on the first lap, Mello-Breyners’ Porsche 911 GT2 ‘lost’ its turbo and the Yellow Racing Team Ferrrari 360 Modena N-GT of Pedro Névoa and Réne Luigi didn't start because of some technical problems in the first leg. The new SEAT Cupra GT had a disappointing race. The Spanish car started from second position on the gird but it finished in 14th. SETA Sport has to work hard if it wants to go to the Spa 24 hrs.

In GTB class, another victory for Joan Vinyes / Santiago Puig Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge GTB. The ASM Team Porsche 911 Cup of Carlos Peres and João Terenas finished in second, ahead of the Vicente Saenz Merino Ferrari.

Ángel Banús won the GTC category in his second race at the wheel of the brand new Audi TT.
Sergio Fonseca

1º. De Castro-Burgueño (Marcos LM600), 47'25''
2º. Balfe-Taylor (Mosler MT900R), 47'34''
3º. Vivancos-Gené (Seat Toledo GT), 47'39''
4º. Monzón-Villaamil (Ferrari 360 Modena N-GT), 49'03''
5º. Díez Villarroel-Fernández (Porsche 911 GT2), 48'05''


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