Italian News Summary
Gabriele Tosi has been pouring over the excellent SportAuto&Moto, and provides the following digest of that publication’s news this week.

Italian GT Championship
The Italian GT races at Salzburgring (July 17-18) may not take place: the circuit is subject to an inspection soon, and if necessary the events will be moved to Ledenon, in France.

Team managers are pushing to allow a splash of fuel for the Italian GT cars at circuits such as Monza, Mugello and Enna, where it’s difficult to get them through the one hour races without saving fuel at some stage during the events.

From the Salzburgring (or Ledenon) rounds onwards, JMB will enter a Ferrari 575 for Andrea Garbagnati and either Walter Lechner or Toto Wolff.

The DR Sport team is apparently exploring the possibility of entering Aston Martins next year, in both the Italian and FIA GT Championships. SportAuto&Moto also suggests that BMS Scuderia Italia is considering the new Aston Martin, perhaps as a Ferrari 550 replacement. The phrase used is that the 550 is “near the limit of its development life.”

Tristan Gommendy will drive the Larbre 550 Maranello at the second round of the LMES, replacing Steve Zacchia.

After the Autorlando Porsche’s big shunt at Monza, the team will continue in the LMES with the car to be driven by Tenchini, Groppi and Camathias.

Ettore Bonaldi will race with the gentlemen drivers Morini and Strada in their Viper, in the next round of the LMES.

A new team called the Italia Racing Team, which has close links to the Ferrari factory, is already planning its 2005 season, with a 550 Maranello and probably a 575 - or perhaps a Maserati MC12.

After its Ricard test this week, the MC12 will be running at Monza, from June 8 to 10.

Le Mans
As we reported back in November, Spyker is planning to build an LM GTP car for the 2006 24 Hours of Le Mans, with a Judd 5.0 engine. The C8 is expected to be entered for this year’s Spa 24 Hours.


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