Honing The GS Motorsport Honda NSX
All the current indications suggest that the GS Motorsport Honda NSX entry for the Nurburgring 24 Hours is going to be a very serious runner.

For example, we slipped into last Saturday's VLN report the fact that the the fourth driver next month will be Markus Oestreich - joining Armin Hahne, Robert Lechner, and Robin Liddell.

dailysportscar.comHahne and Liddell were on duty last Friday and Saturday, but it was a difficult beginning. "I didn't get in the car, in the end," says Liddell. "I travelled out there with Phil Bennett, and it turned out that he didn't drive either, after problems with his BMW.

"But at least that gave us both the chance to get out around the circuit, and admire the way the series happens. There were quite a lot of people at each viewing area for the VLN race, but at the 24 hour race next month, it is going to be packed.

"It's an enormous event in Germany, but maybe outside that country, not enough people realise how significant it is."

Unfortunately the GS team was struggling with niggles with the Honda's gearbox: it wasn't the 'box itself, but rather CV seals and an oil leak. But Liddell saw enough to be confident that here is a very good car for the 24 Hours.

"The team was out testing at Spa yesterday, and I'm expecting to get a call to go to the 'Ring tomorrow, for more testing. Armin told me how well balanced the car is - it handles beautifully - and the engine is fantastic. The race is less than four weeks away, but with the level of effort Honda is putting into this project, we are definitely going to be ready."


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