FFSA GT – Val de Vienne – Qualifying / Race 1

Qualifying Race 1
At the wheel of his VBM, Patrick Bornhauser took the pole for the first race, despite carrying 60kg of ballast. In the French Cup, the quickest lap time was by Fred Dedours, while in N-GT it was Patricia Bertapelle in the Riverside Lamborghini Diablo who was fastest.

Saturday morning saw the FFSA GT field meet under warm May sunshine. Romain Bera in his pSI Porsche was the first man to set a quick time at the start of the first session, but Olivier Dupard lost control of his Larbre Ferrari 550 Maranello and hit the tyre wall, mildly damaging the 550’s rear right corner.

Then the name at the top of the charts began to change – regularly. After Bera, Fiat (DDO Saleen S7-R), then Moureu (Mirabeau Viper) and then Hallyday (Force One Viper) set the best time, but Bornhauser still had his point to make – taking the pole. Moueu was second quickest from Hallyday, Patrick Hernandez (Mirabeau Viper – remember his name at Le Mans a few weeks ago?) and Romain Bera. Thierry Stepec broke the gearbox of the Wieth Ferrari 550 Maranello, almost certainly eliminating this car from race 1.

In the N-GT, Bertapelle was much faster than Michel Heydens (Ruffier Porsche 911 GT3 RS) and Thierry Rabineau (Nourry Porsche 911 GT3 RS).

Patrick Bornhauser: “Yesterday, during the practice session, we weren’t going well at all. We were on a bad direction. We decided yesterday evening to return to our Nogaro setup. It’s much more efficient. We are still learning this car and you musn’t forget that we have to manage with the 60 kg of ballast. We are confident because both of us are going well. At the moment, Dumez / Blanchemain and Hallyday / Besson are our challengers, but we have mustn’t discount the others.”

Patricia Bertapelle: “I’m happy because at Lédenon, I had no confidence. Here, we have a better package with the car, even though the Lamborghini is not the ideal car for this track.”

Qualifying Race 2
The Larbre crew succeeded in repairing the #1 Ferrari, so Patrice Goueslard was given a chance to qualify – among the other top seeded drivers.

dailysportscar.comBruno Besson (Force One Viper) was quick early on, ahead of Thévenin (VBM Viper), Sourd (PSI Porsche Biturbo) and Porta (Tarrès Porsche Biturbo). But on his first flying lap, Anthony Beltoise (right) set an incredible 1:38.643 – more than a second faster than anyone else, with the Lease Plan Autovitesse Viper.

The only answer came from Mathieu Zangarelli: the Mirabeau Compétition driver was second quickest, but more than a whole second behind Beltoise.

Late in the session, Dominique Dupuy at the wheel of the Saleen S7-R shifted Sébastien Dumez from the third position. For the second time this season Anthony Beltoise will start from the pole position. Behind him, five drivers were in the same second: Zangarelli ahead of Dupuy, Dumez, Besson and Thévenin.

Morgan Moullin-Traffort (Nourry Porsche 911 GT3 RS) again asserted himself as the strong man in the N-GT Trophy, claiming the category’s best lap time, ahead of Cyril Prunet (DDO Porsche 911 GT3 RS)and Pascal Hugot (Ruffier Porsche 911 GT3 RS).

Antony Beltoise: “I am very pleased with my lap time. My partner was complaining about the tyre pressure, so I did a single lap then I pitted to have the right balance. So, I was surprised when I saw my lap time… I stayed on the track to react if necessary, then I chose eventually to pit. It’s very positive, because I could save my tyres.”

In the French Cup it was the usual fight for the pole position between Makowiecki (CD Sport Porsche 996 Cup), Giroix (First Racing Porsche 996 Cup), Loger (Riverside Lamborghini Diablo) and Ménard (Nourry Porsche 996 Cup. Fred Makowiecki was eventually quickest, slightly ahead of Loger, so the #64 CD Sport Porsche took its second pole of the meeting.

Race 1 – Saturday
After an eventful first race of the weekend, David Hallyday and Bruno Besson took the win ahead Dumez / Blanchemain and Thévenin / Bornhauser – leaving the third placed VBM pairing still leading in the Championship standings, but four points only ahead of Dumez / Blanchemain.

Under a summer sun, Patrick Bornhauser started well, but further back Philippe Charriol hit Yannick David and Jérôme Laurin, which compelled the Race Director to throw out the red flag. The three cars were badly damaged and could not re-start, and neither François Fiat’ in his Saleen (damaged steering after contact with David Hallyday.

dailysportscar.comThe second start was problem-free. Patrick Bornhauser (left) led from Moureu, Bera, Hernandez and Hallyday. Stéphane Lacroix-Wasover had to park his Viper, an ignition sensor being faulty. Bornhauser tried to widen a gap at the front, while David Hallyday started a charge for the front. The Force One Racing driver passed first Bruno Hernandez, before haring after Romain Bera then Didier Moureu. Within two laps, Hallyday was in second position, right in Bornhauser’s mirrors. For nearly three laps, both men were neck and neck, and Hallyday eventually succeeded in passing Bornhauser at the end of the straight.

Further behind, Dupard’s Ferrari which had fought up to12th place, pitted with a rear bodywork problem.

Just before the driver changes, Hallyday was a strong leader, nearly seven seconds ahead of Bornhauser. Jean-Luc Blanchemain, who had just passed Bruno Hernandez for fifth place, pitted first. All the drivers chose to hand over early, apart from Romain Bera, who alone chose to stay on the track. So, the PSI Motorsport driver had the provisional lead.

Olivier Thévenin re-appeared from the pits first, ahead of Besson, Dumez and Zangarelli. However, the VBM driver (Thevenin), had tyres troubles, and could not contain Besson and Dumez. The gap between the three leaders then stabilised, so, Besson / Hallyday took their season’s second win, ahead of Dumez / Blanchemain and Thévenin / Bornhauser.


Late in the race, everybody was looking at Olivier Maximin’s Porsche, which was moving up very quickly. The PSI Motorsport driver passed Sourd, then Cayrolle and was threatening Zangarelli (fourth) until the last corner…. But Maximin / Prette remained in fifth, their best result of the season.

Patricia Bertapelle and Christophe Bentivoglio won by a fraction in the N-GT Trophy. Patricia had a very good start and opened up a large gap on Michel Heydens and Thierry Rabineau, who were lost in the middle of he French Cup drivers. Bentivoglio succeeded the young woman at the wheel of the Riverside Lamborghini, and prepared to withstand Morgan Moullin-Traffort’s attack. The young driver from Toulouse was very close to passing in the final corner of the race, but Bentivoglio held on and crossed the finish line first in the N-GT category.

Fred Dedours and Fred Makowiecki were happy to have the win in the French Cup, because they were back in the lead of the Cup standings. Ancel finished his stint at first place, ahead of Dedours and Boukobza. But, in the second half of the race, Goubet could not contain Makowiecki’s charge, while Fabien Giroix was on his way up to third place, allowing his partner Olivier Tuchbant to be on the
podium for first time in his career.

David Hallyday: “I had a really good time during my stint. The fight with Patrick was very nice. I tried to save the car in order that Bruno could charge. We dedicate this win to our crew who have worked very quickly to change our set-up, which was wrong. Our aim is the Championship title, but there is still a long way to go.. .. we must be going after each race and we’ll see afterwards.”

Patricia Bertapelle: “We are very happy to be the N-GT winners. I pushed really hard when I saw the gap over my contenders widening. Christophe, who hadn’t run during the practice session, had a big pressure because we knew that Morgan would be charging back strongly. He held on, that’s great!“
Claude Foubert / Apollo Media

Race 1 Result
1 10 Force One HALLYDAY David BESSON Bruno Chrysler Viper GTS-R 1 GT 32 56:49.140 126.954 1:41.975 3 132.632
2 2 Larbre Compétition BLANCHEMAIN Jean Luc DUMEZ Sébastien Chrysler Viper GTS-R 2 GT 32 56:59.853 10.713 126.557 1:42.873 13 131.474
3 8 V B M BORNHAUSER Patrick THEVENIN Olivier Chrysler Viper GTS-R 3 GT 32 57:39.126 49.986 125.120 1:42.854 3 131.499
4 5 MTO Mirabeau Compétition HERNANDEZ Bruno ZANGARELLI Mathieu Chrysler Viper GTS-R 4 GT 32 57:46.377 57.237 124.858 1:43.488 14 130.693
5 17 P S I Motosport PRETTE Philippe MAXIMIN Olivier Porsche 996 Bi-Turbo 5 GT 32 57:47.280 58.140 124.825 1:44.195 16 129.806
6 3 MTO Mirabeau Compétition MOUREU Didier CAYROLLE Eric Chrysler Viper GTS-R 6 GT 32 57:54.965 1:05.825 124.549 1:43.942 5 130.122
7 19 P S I Motorsport BERA Romain SOURD Marc Porsche 996 Bi Turbo 7 GT 32 58:09.135 1:19.995 124.044 1:43.207 3 131.049
8 30 Tarrès Team HAUCHARD Frédéric PORTA Olivier Porsche 996 Bi-Turbo 8 GT 31 57:15.289 1 Trs 122.051 1:45.592 22 128.089
9 4 MTO Mirabeau Compétition BLEYNIE Gérard LAGNIEZ Jean Claude Chrysler Viper GTS-R 9 GT 31 57:25.960 1 Trs 121.673 1:44.907 3 128.925
10 37 Riverside BERTAPELLE Patricia BENTIVOGLIO Christophe Lamborghini Diablo GTRS 1 NGT 31 57:30.895 1 Trs 121.499 1:47.417 7 125.913
11 32 Nourry Compétition RABINEAU Thierry MOULLIN TRAFFORT Morgan Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2 NGT 31 57:31.281 1 Trs 121.485 1:46.737 26 126.715
12 12 Red Racing LESOUDIER Gaël SOAVE Thierry Chrysler Viper GTS-R 10 GT 31 57:34.107 1 Trs 121.386 1:45.086 4 128.706
13 18 Tillie Compétition TILLIE Philippe CABANNES Georges Porsche 996 Bi-Turbo 11 GT 31 57:44.907 1 Trs 121.007 1:45.504 7 128.196
14 34 D D O MOUEZ Eric PRUNET Cyril Porsche 911 GT3 RS 3 NGT 31 58:13.333 1 Trs 120.023 1:47.476 15 125.843
15 64 CD Sport DEDOURS Frédéric MAKOWIECKI Frédéric Porsche 996 Cup 1 C1 31 58:27.827 1 Trs 119.527 1:48.902 14 124.196
16 65 Centre Porsche Lorient ANCEL Frédéric GOUBET Philippe Porsche 996 Cup 2 C1 31 58:41.051 1 Trs 119.078 1:44.384 3 129.571
17 68 First Racing TUCHBANT David GIROIX Fabien Porsche 996 Cup 3 C1 30 56:57.279 2 Trs 118.736 1:49.562 18 123.447
18 31 Ruffier Racing HEYDENS Michel HUGOT Pascal Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4 NGT 30 57:11.785 2 Trs 118.234 1:48.480 5 124.679
19 69 B L R T GUITARD Johnny REY André Porsche 996 Cup 4 C1 30 57:22.239 2 Trs 117.875 1:50.833 15 122.032
20 63 Nourry Compétition BOUKOBZA Florian MENARD Julien Porsche 996 Cup 5 C1 30 57:40.412 2 Trs 117.256 1:47.601 3 125.697
21 62 Ruffier Racing YVON ALexandre OUDIN Jean Paul Porsche 996 Cup 6 C1 30 57:48.184 2 Trs 116.993 1:50.461 4 122.443
22 1 Larbre Compétition DUPARD Olivier GOUESLARD Patrice Ferrari 550 Maranello 12 GT 30 58:08.405 2 Trs 116.315 1:43.374 15 130.837
23 67 S P I D PEYROLES Arnaud RUMPLER Erick Porsche 996 Cup 7 C1 30 58:12.396 2 Trs 116.182 1:49.740 4 123.247
24 77 IMSA - VCA BERGER Thierry POLETTE Philippe Porsche 996 Cup 8 C1 30 58:15.464 2 Trs 116.080 1:50.948 14 121.905
25 71 Défi Cup VAISSIERE Eric GAU Patrick Porsche 996 Cup 9 C1 30 58:36.493 2 Trs 115.386 1:50.932 5 121.923
26 61 Ruffier Racing BAUDOIN Michel RUFFIER Jean Claude Porsche 996 Cup 10 C1 29 57:18.723 3 Trs 114.062 1:52.255 25 120.486
27 72 Challenge 86 ROUSSAUD Philippe POITRENAUD Vincent Porsche 996 Cup 11 C1 29 58:34.717 3 Trs 111.596 1:49.993 3 122.964
28 33 Trans Euro Route SIGNORET Jean Pierre TIMOTHEE Ghislain Toyota Bi-Turbo 5 NGT 21 58:24.517 11 Trs 81.046 1:50.198 15 122.735
29 6 MTO Mirabeau Compétition BORDAS Alain HERBERT Patrick Chrysler Viper GTS-R 13 GT 17 32:21.374 15 Trs 118.435 1:46.976 15 126.432
Concurrents n'ayant pas effectué un tourClt Num Equipe Pilote1 Pilote 2 Marque (Pos) Groupe Trs Temps Ecart Moyenne Temps Tr Vitesse

7 D D O FIAT François DUPUY Dominique Saleen GT
11 Lease Plan Autovitesse LACROIX WASOVER Stéphane BELTOISE Anthony Chrysler Viper GTS--R GT
66 G C R LAURIN Jérome CLAIRAY Guy Porsche 996 Cup C1
76 IMSA - Challenge 86 DAVID Yannick NARAC Raymond Porsche 996 Cup C1
80 Riverside CHARRIOL Philippe LOGER David Lamborghini Diablo GTR C2

21 Wieth Racing STEPEC Thierry BALANDRAS Richard Ferrari 550 Maranello GT DNS
79 Ruffier Racing LACROIX Pascal LEPREUX Christian Porsche 996 Cup C1 DNS.


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