Liddell Goes Record Breaking
dailysportscar.comWe reported last week that Robin Liddell was on his way to the Papenberg test rack in Germany, with the aim of setting a number of diesel world records in a Honda Accord – not single handed of course, as the attempt, with two cars, went on for 24 hours.

“We set 19 world records,” said the Scot. “The cars performed faultlessly.”

Two production cars had been randomly selected by FIA officials, and no modifications were made other than the fitting of roll-cages, racing harnesses and radio equipment.

Here are the records, in kph and mph.
dailysportscar.comStanding 1/8 mile: 68.584 km/h 42.865 mph
Standing ¼ mile: 86.717 km/h 54.198 mph
Standing mile: 134.800 km/h 84.250 mph
Flying mile: 212.856 km/h 133.035 mph
10 miles: 197.020 km/h 123.138 mph
100 miles: 209.657 km/h 131.036 mph
500 miles: 209.651 km/h 131.032 mph
1000 miles: 209.257 km/h 130.786 mph

Standing 500m: 93.875 km/h 58.672 mph
Standing 1000m: 117.243 km/h 73.277 mph
Flying 1000m: 212.984 km/h 133.115 mph
10km: 189.579 km/h 118.487 mph
100km: 208.696 km/h 130.435 mph
500km: 208.609 km/h 130.381 mph
1000km: 209.006 km/h 130.629 mph

1hour: 210.011 km/h 131.257 mph
6 hour: 208.784 km/h 130.490 mph
12 hour: 208.604 km/h 130.378 mph
24 hour: 208.606 km/h 130.379 mph

Having set these speed records, the Honda Accords were then driven 670 km from Papenberg to Wiesbaden near Frankfurt: one of the cars averaged 3.07 litres per Km. Robin, was that you too? Nah, can’t have been… We reckon that is something like 92.428 miles per gallon.

Liddell is off to Germany again this week, to drive the GS Motorsport Honda NSX in the fourth round of the VLN series. “It should be a very good test for the Nurburgring 24 Hours.”


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