FFSA GT - Val de Vienne Preview
With just ten points between the top pairings in GT (Thévenin / Bornhauser and Dumez / Blanchemain), no clear pattern is emerging yet regarding who might be heading towards a title this year. But Bruno Besson and David Hallyday could play the role of outsiders (although they're 50 points behind second place men Dumez / Blanchemain already - see below): after their first GT win at Lédenon, both men aren’t afraid to conceal their plan – going for the title.

However at the Val de Vienne, Larbre Compétition will have a territorial advantage. The team which has just won the first LMES round at Monza (below), the new flagship series in endurance racing, is based inside the Val de Vienne circuit. So, Dumez / Blanchemain, at the wheel of the Viper, and Goueslard / Dupard, at the wheel of the Ferrari, will try to take advantage of their… home advantage.


The DDO team will also be racing at home, which should allow Dupuy / Fiat and the Saleen S7-R to perform well. After their great performance at Lédenon, William David and Jean-Louis Déglise will not be at Val de Vienne, for personal reasons, but will return at Dijon, as will Laurent Cazenave and Jean-Claude Police, who prefer take some time to improve their Porsche 996 Biturbo.

In the N-GT Trophy, the fight between the Demigneux brother's Lamborghini and Moulin Traffort / Rabineau's Porsche has started. After being absent at Nogaro, the brothers made a fantastic debut by winning twice at the second event. On a circuit very demanding for the tyres, the weak point of the Lamborghini, they will have to perform well to prevent the Nourry Compétition drivers taking first place(s).

The French Cup is just as hard fought, five line-ups being covered by ten points. Ancel / Goubet are leaders at the moment, but Dedours / Makowiecki and Guitard / Rey have speeded up. The youngest of the field, Julien Ménard and Florian Boukobza, will try to confirm the potential they have been showing since the start of the season, to claim the win.

Saturday, May 15th 10.10 a.m: Qualifying
Saturday, May 15th 4.00 p.m: Race 1
Sunday, May 16th 3.00 p.m: Race 2.
Claude Foubert / Apollo Media

Overall Points
1 Thévenin / Bornhauser 128 pts (VBM Viper)
2 Dumez / Blanchemain 118 pts (Larbre Vipe)
3 Besson / Hallyday 68 pts (Force One Viper)
4 Dupuy / Fiat 60 pts (DDO Saleen)
5 David / Déglise 54 pts (DSM Viper)
6 Cayrolle / Moureu 50 pts 5Mirabeau Viper)
6 Goueslard / Dupard 50 pts (Larbre Ferrari 550 Maranello)
8 Zangarelli / Hernandez 40 pts (Mirabeau Viper)
9 Beltoise / Lacroix Wasover 36 pts (Lease Plan Autovitesse Viper)
10 Robineau-Moulin Traffort 35 pts (1st N-GT) (Nourry Compétition Porsche 911 GT3 RS)

N-GT Trophy
1Robineau/Moulin Traffort 35 pts (Porsche 911 GT3 RS)
2 Mouez/Prunet 21,5 pts (DDO Porsche 911 GT3 RS)
3 Hugot/Medard 21, pts (Ruffier Racing Porsche 911 GT3 RS)
4 Demigneux/Demigneux 20 pts (Riverside Lamborghini Diablo)
5 Bertapelle/Bentivoglio 12 pts (Riverside Lamborghini Diablo)

French Cup
1 Gounet/Ancel 86 pts (Centre Porsche Lorient)
2 David/Narac 83 pts (IMSA Challenge 86)
3 Makowiecki/Dedours 82 Pts (CD Sport)
4 Rumpler/Peyroles 82 pts (SPID)
5 Guitard/Rey 77 pts (BLRT)
(All Porsche 996 Cup)


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