Rally News (2)
dailysportscar.comJordan-Warnock Racing’s Mike Jordan (and co-driver Howard Pridmore) had a monster accident in their Ford Escort last weekend, on the Epynt Ranges. The car flipped and rolled at the Devil’s Leap, the front of the 1970 spec. rollcage then collapsing around them.

The imprint of Jordan’s helmet can be seen in the roof of the car (below - Jordan himself on the 'phone in the background), which was a complete write-off. Fortunately Mike Jordan had only superficial injuries, which included bruises to his wrists, caused by the roof pinning them against the steering wheel.

Mike Jordan vows to find another shell, and carry on rallying – but is pressing for more up to date cages to be allowed in older rally cars.

Hopefully Mondello Park will be less of an adventure for he and Mark Sumpter this weekend.

Photographs by JWR engineer Neil Barnett.



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