Bathurst 24 Hours – A Willingness To Make It Happen
As recently as April 23, the Bathurst 24 Hours / PROCAR news seemed all ‘doom and gloom’ – but don’t give up yet.

We hear that Ross Palmer has been in Bathurst today, and has had discussions with the town’s new mayor, Kath Knowles, to try and make progress towards running the event in November.

Mayor Kath Knowles commented last week that "It's an important event, very different to the V8s, with an international format that has been successful in Germany and France. It brings a good crowd, and we get the TV coverage of Bathurst as well as the motor racing."

She clearly wants it to go ahead, for the third running of the great race – while the local authority is waiting to hear from the Federal Government if funds will be made available to complete the building works to the desired standard.

dailysportscar.comThis is an artist's impression of the completed pit and paddock complex (right), while the other image shows how the pit complex is currently proceeding.

dailysportscar.comRoss Palmer – never one to mince his words – has stated that “ If the support is there from local, state, or Federal government…. if the television networks are realistic in their negotiations for live TV, or failing that competitors and sponsors are prepared to accept a two hour post-produced version played one week after the event [$1,000,000 less expensive]…. and if the support level is at least as strong as last year from teams wanting to compete and I don’t have to dip into my pocket for everyone else’s benefit including the economic benefit for the community…. then there is a chance that the event is viable for 2004.”

“I would have thought that there is no point in spending $10,000,000 on Federal funds for a once a year 1000km event….”


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