FFSA GT - Lédenon – Race 2 (Sunday)
After an exciting race, Sébastien Dumez and Jean-Luc Blanchemain took their first win of the season in their Larbre Viper, allowing this pair to close up on championship leaders Olivier Thévenin and Patrick.

The Demigneux brothers pulled off a double in the N-GT Trophy and Rey / Guitard were first time winners in the FFSA GT French Cup.

In spite of a threatening sky, the race was dry from start to finish. Anthony Beltoise (Lease Plan Autovitesse Viper) took advantage of his pole position to lead the race after the triple left corner, ahead of David (DSM Viper), Zangarelli (Mirabeau Viper), Dupuy (DDO Saleen), Dumez (Larbre Viper) and Besson (Force One Viper). Very soon, four men led by Beltoise were out ahead of the rest, William David, Mathieu Zangarelli and Dominique Dupuy pushing hard behind him.

As early as the second lap, Goueslard and Cayrolle (Mirabeau Viper) made contact. The Norman driver (Larbre 550 Maranello) lost several positions. The four men, who were soon only three after Zangarelli’s spin, continued to widen the gap to the rest.

As soon as they began to lap slower cars, the gaps changed according to the traffic. Beltoise and David flew away inexorably, leaving Dupuy alone, a few seconds ahead of Dumez, Besson and Zangarelli who were fighting together. Then we had some great moves on slower drivers, who saw the Vipers charging from all directions. After fifteen minutes, William David succeeded in overtaking Beltoise. The #20 Viper driver opened up a slight gap on his runner-up. This pair was 10 seconds ahead of Dupuy and 20 seconds ahead of Dumez, Besson and Zangarelli. Not long before the driver changes period, Besson passed Dumez. Faithful to their strategy, the leading drivers waited until the last moment to pit.

After the driver changes, Jean-Louis Déglise (DSM Viper) was ahead of Lacroix-Wasover (Lease Plan Autovitesse Viper), Blanchemain (Larbre Viper), Fiat (DDO Saleen), Hernandez (Mirabeau Viper), Hallyday (Force One Viper) and Bornhauser (VBM Viper). Positions were going to change soon. Jean-Luc Blanchemain made contact with Lacroix-Wasover who lost some positions. Fighting for the podium, Bornhauser killed two birds with one stone, passing Fiat and Hallyday simultaneously. Within three minutes of the end, there was a last incident when Blanchemain succeeded in overtaking Déglise, giving Larbre Compétition their season’s first win. So, Dumez / Blanchemain are only ten points behind Bornhauser / Thévenin.

In the N-GT Trophy, the fight which had begun on Saturday between the Demigneux brothers and Moullin-Traffort / Rabineau continued. Moullin-Traffort made a very good first stint, containing James Ruffier brilliantly. Thierry Rabineau was then at the wheel but he was surprised in the last straight by Michel Demigneux’s comeback, taking the win, just a few centimetres ahead at the lime.

Fred Makowiecki was in the lead of the French Cup in the early stages in spite of Loger’s strong opposition, but the latter had to retire early. At the end of his stint, Makowiecki pitted hurriedly, with a rear left puncture, losing any chance to win. Guitard / Rey eventually crossed first the finish line, ahead of Rumpler / Peyroles and the young line-up Ménard / Boukobza. Ancel / Goubet, fifth, took advantage of Dedours / Makowiecki’s misfortune and of Narac / David’s retirement to take the lead in the French Cup standings.

Jean-Luc Blanchemain: “Sébastien made a good stint, he gave me a perfect car. Since the start of the weekend we were going well. I did my best to claim this win. Our season’s start is good. Just as Bornhauser / Thévenin have, we have been on the podium of each race.“

Race 2 Result
1 Dumez / Blanchemain Larbre Compéttion Chrysler Viper GTS-R 42 laps 132,152 kmh
2 Déglise / David DSM Chrysler Viper GTS-R 1.416 sec
3 Bornhauser / Thévenin VBM Chrysler Viper GTS-R 11.620 sec
4 Besson / Hallyday Force One Chrysler Viper GTS-R 22.696 sec
5 Dupuy / Fiat DDO Saleen 22.897 sec
6 Beltoise / Lacroiwx Wasover Lease Plan Autovitesse Chrysler Viper GTS-R 40.170 sec
7 Zangarelli / Hernandez Mirabeau Chrysler Viper GTS-R 56.153 sec
8 Bleynie / Lagniez Mirabeau Chrysler Viper GTS-R 1 min 25.109 sec
9 Bera / Sourd PSI Porsche 996 Biturbo 1 lap
10 Prette / Maximin PSI Porsche 996 Biturbo 1 lap
14 Demigneux / Demigneux Riverside Lamborghini Diablo 2 laps 1st N-GT
18 Guitard / Rey BLRT Porsche 996 Cup 2 laps 1st French Cup

Standings FFSA GT Championship
1 Thévenin / Bornhauser 128 pts
2 Dumez / Blanchemain 118 pts
3 Besson / Hallyday 68 pts
4 Dupuy / Fiat 60 pts
5 David / Déglise 54 pts
6 Cayrolle / Moureu 50 pts
6 Goueslard / Dupard 50 pts
8 Zangarelli / Hernandez 40 pts
9 Beltoise / Lacroix Wasover 36 pts
10 Robineau / Moulin Traffort (N-GT) 35 pts

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Claude Foubert


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