Italian GT Championship – Monza – Race 2
Race 2 was scheduled for 16:20 on Sunday …but started at 17:30, thanks to a thunderstorm during the previous Ferrari Challenge race. We had two non-starters, the Corvette and the French Viper. Ah of course it is a wet, wet race.

After only one lap behind the safety car (above) the race started, with Guagliuardo (550) in front of Perazzini (Viper), Kessel (360 - very fast start) and also a demon start by Moccia (996 RSR) - while the black beauty (the Lister) didn’t have one of the greatest starts, Zonca not having much experience of the Storm yet.

Also on the first lap Moccia passed Bonaldi (Viper), at the Ascari: the spray spreading off the cars was enormous, almost looking as though they were racing in fog! The rain eased off in the first laps, thank goodness, for drivers, marshals, and your reporter! But we had dramas all the way round. Guagliardo took a short-cut at the Ascari through the gravel, but he didn’t lost the lead… but on lap 6 the Ferrari slowed dramatically at the Roggia, arriving at the Ascari with gearbox broken. So two DNFs for the JMB 550. We left Moccia in 5th place…but that became, thanks to the Ferrari retirement, third because he also passed also Perazzini.

What does this Porsche have? A turbo? Magic tyres? None of that, only a very good driver in the wet, always underrated throughout his career. In the top spots we also have Monti (360) and Francescon (360).

So just 15 minutes into the race and here’s the position: Perazzini, Kessel, Moccia, Bonaldi, Monti, then Zonca battling with Francescon. We also have to mention the “ever young” Arturo Merzario in his GT3 Ferrari 355, literally flying up to 11th place just behind the Lister…

The track was slowly drying out, but no one took a gamble to put on slicks, so it was also a question of keeping the tyres cool and efficient until the end.

dailysportscar.comAfter the pit-stops, the order was a little different. At 40 minutes Matteuzzi was almost 20 seconds in front of Bonaldi in the black Viper, then Cioci (Viper - right), Lancellotti, Chiesa and Groppi (Moccia’s partner). Further back Pigoli, Drudi and Berton were having a good battle and Pigoli and Berton continued this fight until the end, with door to door racing even in the Ascari!

As the track was really drying out, almost everyone was in trouble with tyres and slipping and sliding beautifully, and after a long chase Cioci was able to pass Bonaldi for a well deserved second place. Lancellotti couldn’t keep up with Vipers (thanks also to a first chicane short-cut and some off-course excursions), while in the N-GT class, Chiesa won by a solid margin in front of Riccitelli (who recovered well after an uninspiring stint by Quester) and a well deserved third place for the demon Moccia (with Groppi).

In the GT3 class, unfortunately no win for Merzario, again a retirement…the victory went to Sada / Sala (911 GT3 cup), despite various off-track excursions, in front of again both of the Maserati Lights, despite the third place Strano / Piacentini car’s engine almost expiring in the last two laps, smoking very badly (on seven cylinders). Second went to to Giudici / Raimondi. But the news is that these two Maseratis were not as Light as their name: in fact they had modifications but were still well over 250kg overweight, and that’s why the cars are so slow during the weekend: it seems that the real Light version will arrive soon.

dailysportscar.comSo at the end of very action packed weekend, the second round of the Italian GTs proved to be probably the best pair of races in the two years of the reborn series. We had everything in meteorological and racing conditions.

The Lister just needs more track time for its drivers, but in the meantime the “old” Viper is still a useful car to have for the Championship (Bonaldi-Mastracci, right).

The 550 is a big question mark, it’s fast but not reliable.

In N-GT Porsche vs. Ferrari is good competition, perhaps more than in the FIA series. In the lower class we still await the real Maserati Light version. For now the best sounding engine is this one, no doubt! Next stop Magione in two weeks time, a short, twisty track. Could be an N-GT win with or without rain.
Gabriele Tosi

GT Class
1. Perazzini-Matteuzzi Viper 28 laps in 1’01.38
2. Baso-Cioci Viper at 7.337
3. Bonaldi-Mastracci Viper at 7.575
4. Lancellotti-Zonca Lister at 12.538
5. Spinelli-Sabatini Viper at 1’16.900

1. Chiesa-Kessel 360 GTC in 1’02.43
2. Riccitelli-Quester 996 RSR at 22.162
3. Groppi-Moccia 996 RS at 24.141
4. Francescon-Berton 360 GTC at 34.741
5. Pigoli-Galimberti 996 RSR at 35.633



1. Perazzini-Matteuzzi 70 pts
2. Zonca-Lancellotti 52 pts
3. Baso-Cioci 52 pts
4. Casè 28 pts
5. Mediani 20 pts

1. Chiesa-Kessel 75 pts
2. Pigoli-Galimberti 48 pts
3. Quester-Riccitelli 45 pts
4. Francescon-Berton 43 pts
5. Drudi-Monti 34 pts

1. Sada-Sala 37,5 pts
2. Giudici-Raimondi 23,5 pts
3. Emiliani-Ferrari 21,5 pts.


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