Foudroyant’s Testing Times
“Testing times”, was the expression Foudroyant Motorsport owner Linus Ridge used to describe his weekend: on Friday evening his team mate Piers Masarati was involved in a minor mini bus accident near to Donington Park – Piers wasn’t driving, of course.

On Saturday evening Linus was involved in a major car crash in Leicester, whilst also travelling as a passenger.

Almost unbelievably later on Saturday evening, in a totally separate incident, again as a passenger, Foudroyant Motorsport’s Chief mechanic Matt Lacey was involved in a crash with a friend in Mansfield.

Piers is OK, Linus will be starting physiotherapy on Wednesday, for a dislocated shoulder and hand injuries, and Matt has some minor neck injuries.

It’s dangerous out there!

“I’ve had to cancel testing at Donington this Thursday, with Mike Jordan, because the fourth and fifth knuckles on my right hand are broken,” says Linus, “and they might need to be pinned, but I can move my shoulder today through 360 degrees, which is good, but the old ribs are a bit crumpled. We’ll have to see whether I can get sorted for the Britcar race at Pembrey on May 8/9: if not it’s Piers and Paul Dishman for both races, as we stand a very good chance at the overall win now.”


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