The Chaparral Gallery
dailysportscar.comAndy Hartwell is an excited Chaparral fan right now – because he’s going to the opening of the Chaparral Gallery, at the Petroleum Museum (right) in Midland Texas, tomorrow (April 15).

“The Gallery will be dedicated to inspiring future generations of engineers and sharing with the thousands of Chaparral and auto racing enthusiasts the story behind these innovative machines.”

The Chaparral Gallery will focus on four major areas.

The Chaparral Story – the history of Chaparral Race Cars
The Chaparral Technical Innovations – an exploration of the engineering and aerodynamic advances developed by Chaparral
The Garage – an opportunity to observe routine maintenance on Chaparral Race Cars in a setting modeled after the original Chaparral garage located in Midland, TX
The Transportation Connection – a presentation of the vital role of petroleum products in modern transportation.

The opening of the Gallery tomorrow will be attended by Jim Hall, Brian Redman, Vic Elford and Phil Hill, among others. Seven Chaparrals will be on display:

dailysportscar.comChaparral 2
Chaparral 2D
Chaparral 2E
Chaparral 2F
Chaparral 2H
Chaparral 2J
Chaparral 2K

For more information about the Chaparral Gallery and the opening events, visit


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