Bob Akin Memorial Motorsports Award
In memory of the late Bob Akin, who lost his life at Road Atlanta in 2002, the Road Racing Drivers Club (RRDC) has established the Bob Akin Memorial Motorsports Award.

dailysportscar.comThis will be presented for the first time this year, to an amateur, vintage or semi-professional American road racer who best exemplifies the following qualities and characteristics of Bob Akin, a longtime RRDC member:
• passion for motorsports and automobiles
• history of successful amateur and/or vintage racing
• high level of sportsmanship and fair play
• an articulate and courteous presence
• sharp wit and mischievous sense of humor
• broad range of interests and meticulous attention to detail
• record of contribution to motorsports and the community
• devotion to family and friends.

"The award is for 'speed with style,' which describes Bob Akin," says RRDC President Bobby Rahal. "To become an RRDC member, it isn’t necessary to have won Sebring or Le Mans, or even be a professional racer. Many of our members only barely touched the pro side of the business, and that's OK, because a prime criterion to be considered for membership is being universally regarded as one of 'the good guys.' And that was Bob Akin – a true good guy."“Bob Akin was an excellent race-car driver, a businessman of distinction, a devoted family man, a former president of the RRDC and, above all, a gentleman in the truest meaning of the word," says former RRDC president and road-racing champion Brian Redman.

The first recipient of the engraved trophy, created by Steuben Glass artisans in Corning, N.Y., will receive the award soon, at a racing venue to be determined. Future awards will be made at the end of each year.

The recipient of the Bob Akin Memorial Motorsports Award will be selected by RRDC members Brian Redman and Archie Urciuoli, as well as Akin's son, Bobby. A permanent trophy, listing annual winners, will be on display at the International Motor Racing Research Center in Watkins Glen, N.Y. The recipient will receive a smaller, engraved version of the trophy.


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