Italian Prototype Championship (CIP) – Adria, April 4
Gabriele Tosi reports from the 2.7 km Adria circuit…

dailysportscar.comIt has been an interesting first round of the (now) major Italian series. In mostly overcast weather for the weekend, 27 cars were on the entry list, and took to this circuit – one of the least popular in Italy. But it is the only track in the world with… a completely indoor paddock (photo).

As reported, no reigning Champion for the first rounds, Filippo Francioni, but plenty to talk about. Would it be the first victory for the CN2 cars? The SR2s still have something to say? The CN4s still the dominant class?

In qualifying the ever fast Denny Zardo (Osella-Honda CN2) took the pole.... front of a very spectacular Franco Ghiotto (Lucchini-Alfa SR2 - below), followed by the ever present Francisci (Tiga-BMW CN4), Serafini (Osella-BMW CN4) and the newcomer - ex-Supertouring driver Gabellini (Centenari-Alfa CN4).

25 cars started the race, but the spectator attendance was very poor.

dailysportscar.comZardo took the lead and never gave it away: no problems, and not a single threat from any other drivers. Zardo was followed initially by Ghiotto, Serafini (left), Francisci and further back, Gabellini. The first four were easing away from Gabellini and the rest of the other cars and they were separated by not more than 3-4 seconds. At 16 laps of the 28 scheduled, Ghiotto spun in the hairpin and lost two spots. Pretty much nothing changed to the end, apart some retirements, but right at the death Serafini took a few seconds out of the gap to the leader, but wasn’t close enough to make a move.

In the CN3 category victory went to Manfre (Lucchini P1 ‘96-Alfa).

There will be plenty more to come during the season, when the grid is expected to grow - reaching the highest figure by Monza in late September. Francioni will come with a completely new Lucchini CN2, so the sportscars in Italy will never die!…


1. Zardo Osella-Honda CN2 28 laps in 35’04.549
2. Serafini Osella-BMW CN4 at 5.81
3. Francisci Tiga-BMW CN4 at 10.38
4. Ghiotto Lucchini-Alfa SR2 at 10.93
5. Gabellini Centenari-Alfa CN4 at 33.21
6. Somieri Lucchini-Alfa SR2 at 36.21
7. “Gianfranco” Osella-BMW CN4 at 39.34
8. Francia Osella-Honda CN2 at 51.98
9. Vita Lucchini-Alfa SR2 at 56.50
10. Piccone Lucchini-Alfa SR2 at 1:11.51

Points standing reflect the positions: Zardo 24 pts, Serafini 18 pts, Ghiotto 17 pts, Francisci 14 pts, Solieri 10 pts.


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