Spanish GT Entries For ‘04
Sergio Fonseca forwards these details of the cars most likely to appear in the Spanish GT Championship this season:

GTA Class:
Darro Motor Sport: 2 cars for Gines Vivanços / Jordi Gené (?) and Angel Burgueño / Miguel Angel de Castro
Team Elias: 1 car for Luis Maurel / Miguel Reyes

Ferrari 360 GTC
Opção 04: 1 car for TBA / TBA
(another car is expected for a very well known Spanish team)

Ferrari 360 Modena N-GT
Darro Motor Sport: 1 car for Luis Monzón / TBA
Lozano Motorsport: 1 car for José Manuel Valero and Vicente Sáez Merino. They have been testing this week at Albacete.

Mosler MT 900 R
Balfe Motorsport: 1 car for Shaun Balfe / Nigel Taylor

Marcos LM 600
Marcos Racing Internacional: 1 car for Cor Euser / TBA
Meycom (?):

Porsche 911 GT2
Meycom: 1 car (maybe for Pedro Mello Breyner / Manuel Mello Breyner)
Villarroel: 1 car for Jesus Diaz Villarroel / Victor Fernandez

Porsche 911 GT3-RS
ASM Team: 1 car for Pedro Couceiro / Miguel Pais do Amaral
GTA Motor: 1 car for TBA / TBA
Motor Competición: 1 car for Francesc Gutiérrez / Luis Villalba

Chevrolet Corvette
Team Saturn Motorsport: 1 car for Luís Llobet and Víctor Fernández (below).

GTB Class

Porsche 911 Cup
ASM Team: 1 car for Armando Paes / Francisco Gallego
GTA Motor: 1 car for TBA / TBA
Peres Competições (?): 1 car for Carlos Barbot / Carlos Rodrigues.

Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge
Around six 360 Challenge awaited. Confirmed ones:
Scuderia Cavallino: 2 cars for Iñaki Goiburu / Marcel Costa and TBA / TBA
Opção 04 (?): 1 car for Pedro Cabral / Paulo Alho
A new team from the city of Vic will enter both ex-Gabord cars.

Marcos Mantis
Marcos Racing International: 1 car for TBA / TBA

GTC Class
Elit Motorsport: 2 Comarths for Miguel Silva / Eric van de Poele (? - "No, definitely not," says EvdP) and (maybe two young Spaniards)

… and we could expect one Venturi 400 GT, one or two Hyundai Coupé V6s and more than ten Siemens Mobil Cup cars (Portuguese Porsche Boxster Cup) who will run in three rounds of Spanish GT series.


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