Three Audis In Spain
Further to the suggestion that Audi is currently testing a DTM car and an R8 at Jerez this week, it seems that there are three cars present.

It’s effectively a test session for two 24 hour races and three Championships at the same time. Perhaps it’s primarily a DTM test, but the Audi engineers will squeeze in some "component testing" of an undisclosed nature with Rinaldo Capello and Marco Werner sharing an R8, while Swedish touring car champion Fredrik Ekblom and the ex-DTM Audi TT-R are on hand to officially start Audi's 2004 bid for the Nürburgring 24 Hours win.

These two models – the R8 and the TT-R - will be in action on the same weekend in June, in separate corners of Europe. In the middle of all this, Frank Biela and Tom Kristensen are acclimatising themselves with the brand new A4 DTM challenger.

The firstimage is from the roll-out of the new four door DTM car, just before Christmas - and the second one is from the Jerez test..where Frank Biela and Tom Kristensen recorded more than 1,300 kilometers testing the new A4 DTM car.
Johannes Gauglica


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