Coronel To F1
On Thursday February 19 it was revealed that Tom Coronel – a former Japanese F3 and Formula Nippon Champion, of course – has been nominated as Minardi’s F1 test driver, with a possibility that he will take part in some of the Friday test sessions at the Grand Prix events."It still has not sunk in,” says Tom, on his website – “Today was like a madhouse, the phone just did not stop ringing. I just have to sit down and realise what is going to happen. It is a once in a lifetime chance that I will not spoil. You can be sure that I will be ready when I need to be ready."

Coronel will stand in for Zsolt Baumgartner and Gianmaria Bruni in general testing, and will be cover for them if they cannot race for any reason. Will he still be driving the Lister at Le Mans?


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