SCV8 Delayed Until 2005
This series doesn’t quite enter our ‘series to follow’ – although it could have done had it, as originally announced, become part of the F3-GT programme for 2004.

dailysportscar.comSadly, it won’t be part of any schedule for this year, because SPL (Supercar Promotions Limited) has announced that the start of the series has been put back to 2005. The “wow! factor” in British Motorsport will therefore presumably be missing for another 12 months.

“Whilst we have reached 90% of our targets and the elements and criteria required to launch the new series, the final 10% has proved difficult to conclude in time for a sensible and productive start to the Championship for this year,” said the SPL Directors - Andy Rouse, Pete Hall and Roger Etcell.

They mention the “turmoil” caused by the sale of Brands Hatch Circuits and a generally “unstable climate” as factors responsible for the delay, although until recently it looked as though a shorter series than originally planned would go ahead, starting in August.

“In the interests of the SCV8 Championship and British motorsport in general, SPL will now postpone the start whilst the market settles, then hit the ground running with a full promoted 10 event (20 rounds) championship next year,” says the statement.

It should be well worth waiting for.


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