GT-500 Class Nissan 350Z
Nismo has created this car (below) – a twin turbo Nissan 350Z – for the GT-500 class in this year’s Japanese GT Championship. It replaces the Skyline.

This model is more closely connected to the Japanese version of the road-going 350Z, which comes with a longer nose than the European and US versions.

The engine is a VQ35, a 3 litre, twin turbo V6, with the drive going through a Hewland TLSD transaxle. Hewland Engineering supplies transmissions to all three manufacturers in the JGTC.

dailysportscar.comThe 350 Z was tested at TI Aida last week, and more testing is about to take place there.

Comas (back with Nissan after one year driving for Toyota), Treluyer, Lyons, Kageyama, Ide, Kaneishi and of course Motoyama and Krumm (GT-500 champions last year) will drive the 350Z in GT-500 in the 2004 JGTC. Krumm, Kageyama, Lyons and Satoshi Motoyama are pictured on the right.


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