Cadillac (& Corvette) Testing At Sebring
Yesterday, February 9, was the first day of a major test for the Cadillac CTS-V World Challenge cars, and both race cars were out at Sebring – in the hands of Max Angelelli (#16 - below) and Andy Pilgrim (#8). Testing went rather better than the facial expressions would suggest.

A third chassis - the test car - was present, for GM Performance Division engineer and test driver John Heinricy.

“We’ve been sorting out the cars as they get closer and closer to the inaugural race and the team is quite excited,” says Reilly Brennan. “We’re running very competitive times in comparison to last year’s race pace and pole in Speed WC and we’re finding our drivers can be very consistent over a stint.

“After a full day of testing various components we did a modified race simulation, with both cars doing a standing start, with the whole team watching.”

Max Angelelli ‘took the lead’, as requested, and the two cars ran through the 50 minute simulation more or less without problem. “Max had to come in for a quick suspension fix, but Andy was able to run the full distance and nailed his fastest lap on the final lap. Not bad!”

John Heinricy is the engineer responsible for the CTS-V production car, and having performed durability tests for the race car, he is simultaneously taking lessons learned back to the street versions.

More testing is planned for today, while also present is a Corvette Racing C5-R, with Ron Fellows, Max Papis and Johnny O’Connell carrying out durability testing, prior to the 12 Hours.


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