GT Class Thriving In France
2004 should be an excellent season for the top class in the FFSA GT Championship – writes Claude Foubert. There should be approaching 20 GT cars on the 2004 grids.

Vipers will again make up a good part of the class, with Larbre Compétition, Mirabeau Compétition and Red Racing returning, but with other GTS-Rs entered by new teams (to the Viper): VBM (Bornhauser / Thévenin), Autovitesse (Beltoise / Lacroix Wasover) and Gémo Sport (Déglise / David).

The American cars will be challenged by six twin turbo 996 Porsches built by PSI: two entered by PSI, two by Tillie Compétition, one by Nourry Compétition and one by the Almeras Brothers.

In addition, there’s the Wieth Ferrari for Stepec / Balandras and another new car in the FFSA GT, the Saleen that DDO is expected to enter for Dominique Dupuy and François Fiat.


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