Interlagos – First Qualifying (Thursday)
The rain has stopped, and a dry track saw the best times approaching 90 seconds again – with the R&S on provisional pole. It’s been fitted with a fresh Chevrolet V8, which clearly didn’t do it any harm.

Alcides Diniz isn’t racing his Lister because he’s just had surgery on one arm.

Thanks to Sergio Fonseca, here are the top ten from Thursday’s first qualifying session.

1) Flávio de Andrade / Ruyter Pacheco / Felipe Giaffone (R&S Chevrolet), 1min32s309
2) Xandy Negrão / Xandynho Negrão / Guto Negrão (Audi TT-R), 1min33s211
3) Stefano Zonca / Fabrizio Gollin / Ângelo Lancelotti (Chrysler Viper GTS-R), 1min37s392
4) Valmir Benavides / Duda Pamplona / Michael Vergers (Radical Turbo), 1m38s426
5) Luiz Paternostro / Giuliano Losacco / Juliano Moro / Gualter Salles (MCR / VW), 1min38s874
6) Daniel Giafrati / Pedro Pimenta / Mario Covas Neto (MCR / VW), 1min40s881
7) Guilherme Spinelli / Mauricio das Neves / Beto Giorgi (Radical), 1min41s019
8) Fernando Nabuco / Ricardo Etchenique / Nono Figueiredo / Mauricio Sala (Porsche 911 GT3-RS), 1min41s641
9) Claudio Ricci / Lizandro Weber / G. Augustin (Espron Endurance / GM), 1min41s808
10) Otávio Mesquita / Marcos Barros / Luiz Zattar / Sérgio Magalhães (Porsche 911 GT3-RS), 1min44s02.


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